Exploring the Tasks and Duties of an Electrical Supervisor: A Job Description Review

An electrical supervisor is a critical position in the electrical installation and maintenance sector, mainly in construction sites where large-scale electrical work is ongoing. The role of an electrical supervisor is to ensure that the electrical work is safe, efficient, and follows the necessary regulations and standards. They are responsible for the supervision of all electrical activities and employees on construction sites. They have to ensure that all electrical work adheres to the project specifications, timelines, and budget. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at the Electrical Supervisor Job Descriptions.

Oversee the Electrical Work: An electrical supervisor’s primary responsibility is to oversee all electrical work on the worksite. They closely monitor electrical installations and ensure that all works are happening as per regulations and standards. They also check the work of electricians and ensure that it is of the highest quality. They should be present on the worksite to deal with any electrical emergencies.

Compliance with Electrical Safety Regulations: Electrical supervisors need to ensure that all electrical work is according to local and international regulations and code requirements. They should also ensure that all employees on the worksite follow the necessary safety guidelines. They should place emphasis on safety requirements such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring that equipment is adequately grounded.

Employee Management: Electrical supervisors are responsible for managing all electrical employees on a worksite, including scheduling and assigning tasks, enforcing safety standards, and supervising performance. They must provide timeous and relevant training to their staff to ensure that they have the necessary skills to perform their tasks. They should also ensure that all workers have the necessary tools and equipment to perform their duties effectively.

Budgeting: Electrical supervisors are in charge of the electrical budget allocated to the project. They must manage costs and maintain close contact with procurement and finance departments to ensure that appropriate procedures and protocols are followed. They should also set up and maintain well-planned work schedules to ensure that the project stays on budget.

Communication: Communication is a vital part of an electrical supervisor’s job. They must provide regular reports on the progress of the project to the project manager, management, and other stakeholders. They should also maintain good communication with other teams, including civil engineers, architects, and on-site contractors, to ensure that all electrical work subsidiary to the successful completion of the project.


In summary, the electrical supervisor’s role can never be underestimated. They play a vital role in ensuring that electrical works on construction sites are of high quality, efficient and meets local and international standards and regulations. They oversee all aspects of electrical work, including budgeting, employee management, and safety compliance, and are responsible for the successful execution of all electrical work on construction sites. If you are looking to take up a career in electrical work, an electrical supervisor is an excellent career option to consider.

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