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E-Cigs Pro Vapor

Country United States
State Missouri
City Louis
Address Returns 415 Bussen Underground Road St.
Phone 1-877-210-9580

E-Cigs Pro Vapor Reviews

  • Jan 28, 2017

I was given a survey to complete based on our internet provider. After filling out the survey, it said that they had special offers for completing their survey. I choose the e cig and paid $4.95 then 15 days later I have a charge for $99.95 on my bill for membership. I called and they offered me a $40.00 discount. I still refused and offered to return the 4 day old e cig. They said that it didn't matter because I would still have to pay, but I could continue and try it until March 27 (another month) and then after that they would give me a special supervisor discount and I would only have to pay 29.95. I told them that was not my understanding, a reward is not a monthly payment or membership. Finally they said that they cancelled my "Membership" and that I won't see any more charges but that they will not be able to credit me anything else. So I still had to pay $59.99. I hope that nothing else is taken out of my account.

  • Jan 25, 2017

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Was offered a free gift for completing an online survey for a major online retailer that starts with the letter "A". At completion of survey, was offered choice of 9 different erection aids or a free Electronic Vapor system, just pay $4.95 shipping. No other disclosure was made. The free sample arrived as promised, then received a refill package two weeks later. The "receipt" for the refill listed no charge whatsoever, I assumed they had shorted me the sample shipment. Another month later brought another refill. Looked at my statement to see two additional charges totaling $129.90. So much for "free gift", and so much for "sample".

  • Jan 16, 2017

I received an offer for a free Pro Vapor Starter Kit with 2 e-cigarettes, 1 battery, 3 10ml bottles E-Liquid & a charger. Received info from a trusted site (don't recall which one at this time)

So on Dec 28, 2016 I placed an order for that free kit.

There was only supposed to be a 1 time charge of of $4.95 for shipping.

My connection was down for several days so wasn't able to check transaction until days later - that's when I discovered they charged me $4.95 for shipping (VAPEFOCUS) but also saw another charge for $2.95 (MAXVAPORONLINE)

(Never tried vaping before but wanted to see if I liked it before investing further money into it to quit smoking)

Had to go from page to page because they offered various vape packages as well as a membership & I Declined ALL of those options.

There were several steps/pages to go thru and I remember being stuck on one of the pages and having to go back to try again.

Completed the transaction and never gave it another thought until...

On Jan 14th I logged into my credit card acct to check my balance & was shocked to discover a charge for $99.99 for a Monthly membership!! I Never received anything other than the tiny free kit.

Immediately called my credit card company & informed them of the fraud & requested they block VAPEFOCUS as well as MAXVAPORONLINE.

They did place a block on them but now I have to go through a dispute ordeal to get my $99.99 back.

I've only received the one time order email which also listed so they're operating under numerous names - Beware!!

  • Dec 23, 2016

As you have read in other reviews on this company it is a Big Rip Off stay clear of this company, it runs a boiler room operation they let you think that if you take a simple on line survey you will get a E-Cig kit for $9.95 shipping fee, but within days they will charge your bank account $99.95, and will do so each month unless you cancel by phone, I called my bank and they would not stop this payment, and when I tried to get this company to return my money they told me that I had 15 days to do so, but when I told them that I did not have this for more than 3 days they told me the 15 days started from the day of the order. the customer rep will continue to talk over you while you are trying to explain your complaint, they operate this service out of Las Vegas, I have filed a complaint with the BBB and with the Attoney General of Oklahoma, and the US Attoney General, so if you need a E-Cig find a good company near you or do your home work BUT STAY AWAY from this RIP OFF

  • Oct 14, 2016

I have been trying to quit smoking cigars for awhile now. I have tried e cigarettes to cut down to 1-2 cigars a day but for health reasons I need to quit completely. So when I saw an offer for a new vapor cigarette that I could try for $4.95 I thought why not see if I could hate using this one. When I signed up I was aware that it was a 2 part order fpr 1 E-Liquid Blueberry Storm at $4.95 and ProVapor original tobacco starter kit for $4.95. When the product arrive I found it difficult to use and awkard as well as tasting strange. I cancelled at 1-877-353-5063 by making 3 separate calls within the specified call to cancel by date. I also cancelled at 1-866-830-2484 on 7/1/16 thereby, I thought, cancelling all within the designated cancel by date. Then I ended up in the hospital in August so I did not check my bank statement but fully expecting to see ONE full charge by theis company for the merchandise ordered. I noticed on my lastest bank statement a card purchase on 9/2/16 by Incredibleecigs 855-239-0710 in the amount of $29.95. This is one of the names ECIGSBRAND.COM uses in billing. After a lengthy discussion with Jennie of E-Cigs Brand Customer Care and "Dante" of Ecigs Brand I received double confirmation that my "Rewards" accounts have been cancelled and that a refund of $29.95 was proessed back into my credit card account. The company still has profitted in the amount of $59.90 by only accepting/making note of my cancelling by using BOTH telephone numbers listed. I feel extremely Ripped Off! I wish someone could help me recoer this money!

  • Jun 13, 2016

Filled out a questionnaire and got to pick something out for my time,it was supposed to cost only $4.99 for s&h .my bank statement showed a $99.99 charge tried to get in touch with them for reimbursement to no avail now I'm receiving vapor refills monthly at $ 59.99 so now I'm in this for over $200 had to pay a $30 charge to try and get it stopped.

  • May 23, 2016

In a popup servey, i was told that i could chose from a number of prizes because i completed the survey. I choose an ecig starter kit .The price that i was suposed to pay was a payment of $6.95 and another payment of $1.95 for shipping. Later that month a $99.00 was deducted from my account, a few days later another $29.00 was deducted. I'm afraid they may not be finished.

  • May 14, 2016

I was emailed a survey by and after taking the survey you could choose a free gift. I chose the ecig and all I had to do was pay for shipping and handling, which I did. I later find out that it's was, what they call a free trial and after a few weeks they charged my bank account 99.99. I called FastECigs as soon as I saw the charge. They offered only half the money back, I have to ship the product back at my own expense. This company has bad reviews all over the place and I did contact with a complaint as well.

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