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Country United States
State New Hampshire
City Derry
Address 9 Madden Rd #2
Phone 603-818-8511
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  • Oct 5, 2016

Ok, i am a former employee who was recently let go because they had to eliminate my position due to recent complaints and investigation by the AG office and sales are down about 50% only because of there own actions. So basically there isnt enough money coming in to keep me employed. After being let go i wasnt given my last paycheck upon leaving which by law they have 72 hrs. I did end up getting my check but it was not even half of what my normal pay was for being on salary. Now this is where the complaints come in from consigners or buyers about not being paid in a timely manner or agreed upon final date or final price they agreed upon with the company. Simply put they are ripping off every consigner and sometimes even the buyer. The way the contract was put together and was "ok'd" by the general manager Jason Cox pretty much means you either take what we say we will pay you or you can shove off. Once a consigner signs those papers they might as well say good by to the car. The way they are ripping people off is by adding repairs to a repair order for rediculous amounts of money and most of the work was never even done. Like the car didnt need what was said at all. Or people are just straight up not being paid. I have seen one consigner ended up getting a check for something like $250 said and done on a car he just bought about 2 months prior to consigning it back to us. Aparently the car needed so much work after that 2 month period that that is what they said he would be getting on a $6500 car. Its not the whole company that is so called bad, its the owner and general manager Jason Cox. They are cons who think they are good at doing it and it is now catching up to them. The other people in the company are just workers. They dont have controll over contracs or any final say. They are good people just trying to make a living unfortunatly just for the wrong people and company. I guess what im just trying to say or get out there is if you want to be ripped off then this is the place to go. You will most deffinatly lose thousands of dollars if you consign a car through them.

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  • Oct 15, 2015

I purchased a total of four vehicles. Three of the four vechicles have been delivered. Business (Dusty Old Cars) is still holding titles after almost a month of receiving three vehicles. I've made several attempts to call Brandon Miller (Sales Rep) for status on final delivery, but no luck, menaing just a bunch of empty promises. As of this day, no title and vehicle still pending for delivery.

I paid one hundred dollars of processing fees for each vehicle--total of $400.00. Still, Brandon Miller would prefer to send my vehicle titles with the last vehicle to save money. I will post e-mail for reference.

I purchased these vehicles with my daughters college savings in hopes of re-selling vehicles to bump her savings, and its seems to me that they are comfortable at taking others hard-earned money for their richness.

I usually call Customer Service and ask for Brandon. They confirm he's there, but they prefer I call another line. I call Brandon's line and someone else answers and says he is unavailable.

These are the two numbers: 603-216-5801 and 603-818-8511

I paid for the three vehicles on the 29th of August, 2015. These vehicles I received (pending titles).

I paid for the last vehicle on the 5th of September, 2015. This vehicle I have not received.

I've saved all emails and paperwork for reference.

If you would like to speak to me personally, I will be more than glad to have a chat with anyone interested in purchasing for this establishment.

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  • Aug 30, 2016

Rip off Scam

Dusty Old Cars is basically an automobile theft ring being run by crooks and swindlers if you consign a car with these crooks you will only receive pennies on the dollar they make out an invoice loaded with bogus unauthorized repairs and expect the seller to deduct it from the amount they agreed to get you for the car.

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  • May 25, 2016

Just as the other reports on here state, I was told one thing and the oposite happened. THe owner is a scammer using his contract and arbitration expenses(passed on to seller) to figure and exact amount he can add to your bill to make it not worth getting a lawyer.

Class action against him is the only way!!! He is a liar and thief that needs to be shut down.

He stole over $3000 from me and made up repair reports from his own shop with no input from me, and made me wait months after it was sold to get a check much smaller than his "guarenteed amount" LIAR

Once you sign his contract, you give up all rights, so dont do it!!!

i will contact the media to see if they can help, I want to do a class action!!!

New customers STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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  • May 18, 2016

I advertised my 1974 Pontiac for sale on Craigslist in November 2015. About two weeks after, I received a phone call from Dusty Old Cars. The salesman asked if I would be interested in putting my car on consignment with them. I told I would be interested. We made an appointment to meet at my address so he could evaluate my car. We met and he looked the car over and he approved the vehicle. He told me Dusty Old Cars usually towed each vehicle to their warehouse, and I would not be charged for the towing. The towing would be added to the sale price of the vehicle and passed on to the purchaser when the car was sold. Also any repairs to the car would be added to the sales price. My Pontiac was running and could be driven. This car passed inspection every year that it was registered. It did not need any repairs. The body had no dents, no rust. The car was straight as an arrow. All the glass was good. Dusty Old Cars did not even respond to my several e-mails I sent asking about the status of my vehicle.

I have a signed contract guaranteeing me $3700 after the sale of my car. Dusty Old Cars had my Pontiac listed on their site for over $6000. All said and done Dusty Old Cars sold my car, charged me the towing fee of $200, charged the repairs to me and sent me a check for $217. Why would I spend 3 or 4 thousand dollars for a return of $217.00?? Totally absurd.

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  • Aug 25, 2016

Stephan Condondemetraky "The Great Deceiver "at Dusty Old Cars contacted us and offered to consign our car for sale and we were to receive a agreed to amour for our car which was in excellent condition throughout. He then sold the car and fraudulently claimed he did six thousand dollars in unauthorized repairs to the car and we owed him that money, this thieving con man and scam artist basically stole our car. This place is a total ripoff and a scam. If you have a car with them get it back or you will lose your car and your money guaranteed.

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  • Dec 28, 2017

AFter being coerced and sold on consigning vehicles with this less than shady outfit, I was to experience as hundreds of others did and that was to have our cars converted to Stephan Condodemetraky's personal title and then sell the cars off and keep the proceeds. He took advantage of New Hampshire's pathetic loophole to not consider titles as ownership on cars over 15 years old so once he got your car to sell on your behalf he would convert the ownership so he could borrow against your cars and use them for collateral to gain financing etc. The Fraud never ended. The ring leader was Stephan Condodemetraky who used his father's good name and reputation to bilk all of us unsuspecting hardworking people out of our proceeds. He has since been indicted and faces criminal charges as well. His henchman were Dean Mirageas and Jason Cox. Each of these individuals played a pivotal role in pulling off the scheme of the century and removing over 500 classic cars from their rightful owners and dumping them on the marketplace while keeping the proceeds from every sale. There was NEVER any legitimacy about their roles as they followed through on their agenda to separate the owners and make sure they never got a cent of the proceeds. Anyone who comes into contact with Dean Mirageas or Jason Cox or Stephan Condodemetraky should think twice about entering into any business transaction with them or should seriously consider the damage they could do to your business should you decide to hire any of them. They are pure scum and evil and prey on people's weakness of wanting to believe that you are really trying to help them sell your vehicle. The were calculating in how they took your vehicles and even more calculating in how they kept your proceeds and never had any intention of remitting any of it back to you. They are commonplace thugs that have NO integrity, No moral conscience nor can any of them ever be trusted. Again, beware of these individuals should they decide to sell you a vehicle or enter into any business transaction they will be conning and cheating you out of something and that is guaranteed. Please google Dusty Old Cars and you will see the many articles that made the newspapers and News reports on TV about this flawed and tainted quasi used car dealership. You will be amazed at what you read and just how easy it was for them to steal in excess of $3 million while the State's attorney General's office just sat and watched with their mouths hanging open in disbelief before they actually reacted to doing anything.

Please watch out for STEPHAN CONDODEMETRAKY, JASON COX and DEAN MIRAGEAS they will ONLY do you financial harm.

  • Apr 19, 2017

Caveat Emptor - Dusty Old Cars Lies and Steals

Do not even deserve 1 star. Fraud and theft by a bunch of con men. If only I knew about their business "practices" before I consigned my car with them in Oct. Their FB page says it sold in Nov. Never answered my calls about getting paid for it. Now they declare bankruptcy so they don't have to pay all the people they have ripped off? I now know that Stephan Condodemetraky has a long history of fraudulent dealings and has conned and hurt a lot of people out of their savings or antique autos. He needs to be put in jail for a long time. He is a lying crook and con man and I believe many of his employees also knew about his dishonesty.

  • Jan 28, 2017

I put my 1984 Porsche 944 on consignment with Dusty Old Cars in spring of 2016 at which time they told me I would receive one thousand dollars as a down payment, I never received any money. At that time they also guaranteed that I would get at a minimum of four thousand when the car sold. They also promised full payment within ninety days of the car being sold. The car was sold in September of 2016 for six thousand eight hundred dollars. I'm still waiting for a payment.

  • Dec 21, 2016

I bought a 1989 Jaguar XJ from them, via eBay.

Here's the eBay ad:

I pdf'd it, if the link fails and you want to see it.

It was listed as runs and drives, body and interior good. I arrive to pick it up - The battery is missing. They're like "we can push it right on your trailer". I said "It's supposed to run and drive". I wanted to drive it around the lot. They installed a battery. It was low on fuel or the fuel pump didn't work. They added fuel to it, still no fuel prime. It's throwing major codes for electrical faults, like the fuel pump and other systems. It's showing low brake fluid. It cranks over, but does not run.

If you look in front of the car, there's now a large puddle of oil that wasn't there before. Pump the brakes and brake fluid is squirting out in several areas. No way this car would pass NH inspection. It doesn't run, it doesn't stop - if it did run! It's rotted through in several areas that would cause a failure.

I did not take delivery. Sadly, a friend was helping with the car and paid via credit card. They would not refund his money and fought the credit card, even though the car was not as described, we did not take delivery and they were out no money. I asked for my money back, THAT day. They said the owner would have to manage that. Many efforts to contact him, no resolution, which is a refund. No way are we touching this car after it doesn't run and drive as they said it did.

Now it looks like I have to sue them, since they have the car, the title and my money.

BTW, they try to enforce silence via a gag order in their contracts. Come get me boys, I didn't sign it. I bet I have a better attorney, too. The NH AG. Oh, look at their BBB rating (my next stop) -Its an F.

The funny thing, on this site they stated:

“ We offer a 100% money back guarantee if the car is misrepresented, this means if we missed something then the car is coming back to us."

  • Dec 7, 2016

Had a vehicle that was for sale and Dusty Old Cars pursued me that they can sell my vehicle. After weeks of continuous

approachments and reassuring from them, I gave in and let them take the vehicle to sell. Months go by with no word until I

get a call from a rep that the car is not selling. They also asked me to cut my asking price down to an eighth of the cars

worth to where i would get more money scrapping it at a junkyard. I told them that was impossible to do. One month later

, they send an E-mail stating that the car is not selling and I must drop the price down to a few hundred dollars so they can

make their money. If refuse I must remove the car ....DURING THE the end of the month.

This is an outrage, they convinced me, pursued me, and took the vehicle reassuring me it would be sold! Now its my expense to return this vehicle? I think not!

This companies reputation is going down quickly and if i was a person cosigning a car, do not go with this company.

You will get scammed! I have noticed that the complaint reports are growing so do the research and possibly go with

someone else better qualified and responsible.

  • Aug 13, 2016

Dusty Old Cars in Nashua, NH is run by professional con men and scam artists. The offer to sell your car for you at a agreed to price to you. They sell your car and then tell you it need thousands of dollars worth of repair work that it doesn't need and they in turn steal your car. Don't do business with these crooks you will lose your car and your money guaranteed. I urge everybody that's been swindled by this predatory company to file a complaint with the New Hampshire Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and the automobile dealer section of New Hampshire Bureau of Motor Vehicles. These crooks should not be selling cars they should be in prison.

  • May 27, 2016

2005 Cadillac XLR

Brandon Miller, Sales Manager, was very patient and extremely courteous. The car was exactly as advertised and immaculate. Their place is easily accessible and they certainly have a wide range of vehicles. The Staff could not have been more helpful. I strongly recommend this business.

  • May 17, 2017


I do not believe a word of this. That sleezebag ripped me off $20,000!

  • Sep 28, 2015

I thought they were a reputable classic car dealer but to my surprise they weren't . I gave them a deposit of 500 dollars as a downpayment on one of there cars ( Porsche 944 ). I then made arrangements to to travel from south of Boston to their dealership in Derry NH to take the car out and check it out and buy the car. two days before my appointment I was called by their sales manager to confirm. I gave him the time I would get there and to please have another car out for me to look at .Late on the day before I was called with a story that the owner sold the Porsche to someone else with out calling to make sure I was going to buy it before they sold it out from under me. Yes they had all kinds of reasons why they sold the car and while they were apologizing and telling me how bad they felt. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone nor would I do business with them. They proved to me and everyone I've talked too not to trust them . They ....

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