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City Scottsdale
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  • Dec 9, 2015

I ordered clothing from The clothing did come, in a tiny bag with no return address. It was shipped from China! The clothing did not fit at all, very poor quality. I went back to the web-site to look into returning or exchanging clothing. The only way to contact them is with an email. They say they will respond within 24 hours. Never got an email back. I sent one everyday for 10-15 days. There terms are return/exchanges must be made within 30 days of purchase. How can I return something if they do not get back to me! On the web-site under Contact information, there is nothing other than the email address for returns. No address, no phone number, nothing. I am stuck with a charge to my credit card and clothing that does not fit. Must be my mistake for not looking into the company further. :0(

Do not order anything from

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  • Dec 18, 2015

The websites clothes sizes are all wrong. I ordered a womans XL and got a childs size jacket. I ordered a womens XL shirt and got a child size shirt. I ordered about 5 pairs of earrings and they are all so cheap and horribly made, they look nothing like the pictures. The clothes are cheap and the earrings are junk. They make everything look nice with their pictures. When I finally recieved my packages they were poorly packaged with NO return labels. When you contact them to return your stuff, they don't respond. There is no phone number for customer service. You have to open a service ticket. When they finally did respond, they wanted me to take pictures of the clothes, with detailed description, I already let them know the clothes were too small. I don't have time to jump through these hoops. I assume from the other posts on this site, I might as well give up now and swallow the money I spent on this website. But I wanted to warn other consumers. I should have looked them up here first before I ordered from them.

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  • Dec 17, 2015

About 4 weeks ago I saw the Dress lily advertizement on Facebook with cute clothes advertising in plus sizes. I went to the site and saw all of these dresses most of them listed under 20.00 for the dresses, Then when Preceded to order the dresses checked the ones I liked and added them on to the wish list. As I got money to pay for them I ordered them a few at a time. The first two I ordered I didn't check the Standard shipping list so it took about 3 weeks to arrive. When I received them they were Sizes XXL, instead of the size that I ordered which was Size 2X, The next 4 that I ordered I made sure again that the size box was checked for 2X and I paid an additional 15.00 to 20.00 for standard shipping on the rest of my orders. Standard shipping being 6 to 8 business days. I have received two out of the four that I have ordered on the nineth day of shipping and they are sized XXL. I am deeply hurt because I borrowed the money for christmas for me because I am on disability and that was the only money I had to by some new clothes for me. The worst thought of this is there is no address to send these items back and have received no contact from them other than an email stating they will reply with in 24-48 hours. Can you image how many others are being ripped off and the company supposingly is in China way out of the reach of prosecutors in the USA This site needs to be taken off of the internet because apparently they can not be stopped from ripping off anyone else. I have asked for a refund from them and have not gotten a response even in their shipping information you have 30 days to return the items with o address and no refund labels with addresses available to ship items back.

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  • Dec 7, 2015

I ordered from this site. Cute items and low prices. Never received the items, but was charged to my paypal account. There is no record of my transaction on the order history. There's $45 out of my pocket.

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  • Oct 23, 2015

I made a purchase from dress lily almost like a month ago, and i had enough of of their games, I emailed them twice asking about my order and they would just respond to make a complaint order on their site . The weird thing is that they do not have a phone number to contact them. They also have a Instagram page and I posted comments how they would scam people money and they would just delete it . You would see advertisements of this page on Facebook, if you do please read the comments first .

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  • Oct 14, 2015

I placed an order with on August 8th, 2015 and have inquired several times since then asking about my order and then asking for a refund and they will not respond to me. I have no recourse either because they are in China and I'm in Oregon. They don't give an address on their site and no phone#. Last time I ever order directly from China!

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  • Oct 10, 2015

It took over 3 months for my product to arrive, when it finally did there was no tag inside the collar it was much smaller than what I ordered and it didn't fit and it didn't look like what I had ordered off of the internet. You could not reach a live person ever it's some kind of out of the country phone number and the company is out of the country I think China. Buyer beware I would not buy from this company I also found out later they were a lot of complaints about them

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  • Jul 29, 2015 Scam! My wife is a trusting person. I'm not. After researching this company and not receiving our product I can clearly see this web site should of been shut down a long time ago. They don't even just send you cheep stuff. They send nothing. Their chat is shut down. No phone service. No email listed. Here is the information I was able to find. Hopefully it helps others get Justice. Janie Alexander

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  • Jan 25, 2018

I placed an order online that I never received. When I filed a complaint through PayPal, I was contacted by Dresslily confirming that the order would arrive, prompting me to close my complaint. Needless to say, the item never arrived, and I had no recourse, because PayPal only accepts one inquiry per transaction, and, of course, the Dresslily customer service contracts are bogus.

  • Oct 11, 2017

Dresslily immediately took the money from my account and has not sent me an order confirmation. I am requesting that my bank reverse the purchase and do not advise anyone to order from a foregin company via the internet. They should be shut down. Many people are being scammed. I will also alert facebook.

  • Sep 15, 2017

Dress Lily is complete rip off. I ordered six shirts size extra-large. Five items arrived and in the email from them stating it was out of stock. Stated that I could have a store credit for the one they could not furfill. Contacted them by email to credit me on my debit card with no response. Now I received the shirts and the extra large is the same size as an American medium. Tried calling both of the customer service numbers. One rang three times and then shut off. Tried calling three more times with the same result. The second said that the caller had turned off your phone. Be warned, do not order anything from dress Lily or you will regret it

  • Jun 8, 2017

I ordered from dresslilly in March of 2017. I ordered a blouse and a scarf and the total order came to about $16.00. I waited about a month and did'nt receive my order. I went to their web page and discovered that my order had yet to be shipped. So, I waited some more. Another month went by and I checked their web page again. It stated that I was refunded for the blouse but, I was suppose to still get sent the scarf. Another month went by. I checked on the status again and it said it was shipped the month before and listed a tracking number. I checked the tracking number and it stated that my scarf had arrived in the United States and then disappeared off the radar. I sent the company an e-mail about this and did'nt get a response. I sent another e-mail and still no response. It is now June and I still have gotten no response or the scarf that I ordered. I just thank that the scarf was only five dollars so it was no great loss. However, considering the experience that I have gotten from this company, I will never order from there again and I would advise others to stay away from this company. Their customer service is non existent, their orders take for ever to leave the warehouse and then don't even show up. Deplorable.

  • Dec 1, 2016

DressLily looks like a reputable site for a wide range of clothing. We ordered three crocheted mermaid tail for a total of $68.18. They offered free shipping and discounts. Over a week later, we received no receipt emails from the seller (Hassan, according to PayPal) nor DressLily. We tried to log on to the site, but they didn't recognize our information. When we finally logged in, they had no record of any transaction. We complained to PayPal, and they are processing the claim. They should have our refund sent to our card in about two weeks.

  • Jan 29, 2016

It took them over a week just to process the original order. Then once finally shipped, it was over 6 weeks for the order to arrive. And it was not anything close to as described. The colour was WAY off, the quality was very cheap, and the size measurements were way smaller than was advertised. I couldn't fit it at all and ended up having to buy a new winter jacket from a local store as the weather was already cold.

I knew their return policy said I could return any item for ANY reason within 30 days of receipt, so I followed their procedure and opened a complaint on their support section that next day... but I heard NOTHING back from them for over 2 months. I complained to Paypal who arbitrated the case and after getting several lowball offers from them and the most ridiculous runaround I have ever seen, they still didn't refund me. Then, Dresslily support finally responded to my complaint and said I needed to provide a lengthy series of photos and measurements that proved the item was not as it said it was, and they STILL denied anything was wrong. (Even though their own policy states that any item can be returned if you're unsatisfied, for ANY reason). There were no other means of contact, no phone number or email address; even comments on their facebook page are moderated.

Eventually a threat of legal action prompted several low ball offers before they FINALLY agreed to repay my full purchase price if I sent them the item via tracked mail, at my expense. Which I did. Everything was fine until I told them the item had been signed for... and all the sudden POOF they would not refund my money. So now I am out the amount I paid for the item, the item itself, the hours I took to dispute it AND the money to send it back to them. SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!! I can't believe anyone would choose to do business with them including Paypal and I am seriously considering launching a class action suit against them.

  • Jan 14, 2016

I ordered 115 of womens clothing which I purchased through pay pal. NOWHERE onthe website does it state product is shipped from China. Money was rec'd before product was shipped. Took forever. Arrived,,,,,,,,wrong color,,,,defective......wrong sizes. Contacted them and rec'd no reply. Got paypal involved.....had to ship back at my expense to China out another 55.

  • Jan 7, 2016

Scam Do not order!

First of all the items take 4-5 weeks to arrive. The sizes are 2-3 times smaller than US sizes. I want to return the items but there is no address or phone number on the customer service site. I have written to them 6 times and all they say is "Processing". They have been processing for 6 days now. You have 30 days to return the order. However, I think they wait 30 days to respond to you so they won't have to give you a refund.

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