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Dollar Rent A Car, Inc.

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Tulsa
Address P.O. Box 33167
Phone 1-800-800-5252

Dollar Rent A Car, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2018

For our trip to the Phila. area on January 19, 2018, I ordered, through Southwest Airlines, a MID-SIZED automobile from They indicated that I would receive a car similar to the Dodge Avenger which is a mid-sized auto. I received a Toyota Corolla, listed by Toyota and auto websites such as Edmunds, as a COMPACT vehicle. Dollar insists that this is their idea of a mid-sized vehicle and refused to remedy the issue. I had to endure a smaller, under powered vehicle. I believe I am entitled a significant refund for this misrepresentation and the lack of comfort we had to endure for the trip. Their representative could not explain how the mid-sized Dodge Avenger is the same category as the Toyota Corolla.

  • Oct 4, 2017

Was told that she had been with Dollar for 22 years. "since you rent regularly YOU should know our policy" We were overcharged for the rental to begin with. I was going to bury my brother who had just died unexpectedly from Stage 4 Cancer. Dollar may know know what that does to a person but it is overwhelmingly difficult. No I do not expect for you to care about my situation but the rental per was extremely rude. Also told me about the previously rental that I should know better the previous rental that "I do not care what you were told if you want to drop off a car to catch a early flight you should rent from the Airport". Rude and unpleasant to say the least if this is representation of your company I am sure you can do without my business. Disappointed with the Rude service of 1354/nvlle20... I need to hear back from CS to have this addressed. If personnel have been with you 22 Years I feel that this representation of your company is really lacking in CS and ethics. Being told I should know better is beyond me. You let you Representative of your company talk to customers in this manner? This is past being a rep of such a high quality operation as yours. I expect to hear from a person and have this rep. addressed. Unless this appropriate representation that you want out in the public awareness.*

  • Sep 2, 2017

2 different bills for unpaid tolls. ..which we paid

  • Aug 19, 2017

My name is Fritz Tibois, I am a Dollar Express (Dollar Car Rental Discount Membership) member for more than 15 years.I always rented my car without hassle from Dollar until last July 28 2017.

I went to the Dollar Car Rental website and made a reservation for a midsize car. During the reservation I was offered two choices. The first was to pay $249.00 in advance for a 10 days rental and the second one was to pay $379.00 later. I chose to pay a deposit on my reservation and the balance to be paid at the time of pickup. Everybody like to save money.

On july 28th we arrived at the airport and went to the desk to pickup the car. The agent told me that he could not find my reservation on his computer. I gave him all the required information in cluding th payment receipt. He told me that he could not find a record of my card on file. I was in a hurry we went to another car rental company and rented another car for way more money than the car we had reserved about $800.00 for ten days.

Knowing that I was dealing with a reputable company, I was in no hurry to call Dollar and claim a refund of my deposit money ($147.19). I also thought that would be an automatic refund since I did not pickup the car.

After I return from my vacation, I contacted Dollar to get my money back. I have been struggling since August 7 to find out who or whom was in charge of the refund department. I was given several phone numbers to call and finally I was recommended to file a claim online. The claim was filed around the 11th of August and till today August 18th nothing happenned on the case filed.

This morning I contacted my dollar Express to find out what was going on. The agent gave me a number to call and claim my refund. I called the number and the company that answered was called Cartrawler and based in Ireland.

The agent there told me that I was not eligible for a refund because I paid the reservation with a debit card and that I was supposed to have a credit card at the airport. How could I pay for a reservation that nobody could find and my records was not on the computer. I have been renting from this company for a while and Usually I do not even have to go to the desk. I just go to garage and signup to pickup the vehicles. On the dollar express membership site, it is written that the card onfile is all that is needed in lieu of a credit check at the airport if I did not have a credit card. My card was already onfile with Dollar Express since the beginning of my membership back 10 years or more. None of this nonsense should contradict my committment to remain a Dollar Express Member and the obligation of Dollar Express to fulfill their membership agreement toward me.

After careful analysis and conversation with some Dollar people, I find out is that Dollar Rent A Car is currently circumventing their regular payment process by setting up a scammy Company based in Ireland. They offer an enticing discount on their reservation website to ripoff their non informed customers. This could have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars by unsuspecting rental customer that had no clue about this scam. They just got me for trying to save a few bucks.

I tried to contact Dollar Express this morning. They acknowledge my reservation but decline to be involved in my quest for a refund. They referred me back to the Irish Company Cartrawler to get my refund claiming that they do not have anything to do with the refund case. I contacted Cartrawler again and They repeated the same thing that they are a transaction processor for Dollars and that my case was denied, I was not eligible for a refund of my non picked up rental car deposit.

Unfortunately there is no ne watching for the American customers and Dollar Car Rental has been getting away with this scam for who knows How long. The Irish agent told me point blank that I had forfeited the $147.19 deposit because I paid with a debit card. Why did they accept the payment first of all? They could have written on the page a warning that said : if you paid with a debit card and you do not Pickup, your money will be forfeited. They did not say so plus I am a loyal customer that put my trust on the Dollar brand for more than 20 years and never would I ever believe that such a scam could be staged by a well known company like Dollar Rent A Car.

We need some serious lawyer to investigate this and see how many millions of innocent Dollar car renters were and are being victimized by this unscrupulous practice of grabbing their deposits.

When you look at this, it is so easy to setup a foreign company to setup the scam so that it is not subject to American Law system. The agent told me that Their company (Cartrawler) is part of a multi billion corporation and that there was nothing I could do against them. My voice was worthless compare to their structures. Where are we leaving? Is this the Jungle where the lions roar without any fear of facing retribution? Does the law of the Jungle start to replace the incredible business practices and fair justice system of the United States of America?

Maybe it is the time to say our last prayers and let the corrupted corporation execute us without any remorse.

Just see How easy the scam work:

Setup a foreign subsidiary that has nothing to do with the name of the original corporation outside the USA then use this foreign company to process funds that will be claimed by the so call reputed US Corporation. The US Corporation then denied any involvement in the transaction and refused to intervene even after they acknowledge the wrongdoing (crime) that was committed.

I am filing this report so that this information can be spread around and that more people can Spread it, Like it and Share it to all Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin and more) Email it to your friend. The truth must be known and the people sucking our blood must be stopped. They forged their own rules and without mercy for the working class of America.

  • Aug 1, 2017

I am being charged for 2 tolls on the Suncoast Highway betwwen Tampa, FL and Crystal River. It is possible that I did not see the appropriate turn to play the toll at Anderson Avenue, and I would agree to pay that fine with outrageous fine.

However, the second incident cited on the statement I received placed the rental car I was driving at the Sugarwood Toll Boot, at least 50-75 miles North, but at a time that wouldn't have given me more than 4 minutes to travel the distance. It is impossible that I'm responsible for those two tolls with fines that afternoon within four minutes of each other. Could not have happened. I will contest the second fine and penalty.

  • Jul 31, 2017

Please read very carefully and beware of Dollar's PlatePass toll FRAUD. We were charged $214.98 for incurring tolls and activating the transmitter device, taken immediately and automatically from our credit card, when in the letter that was sent to us by Dollar, the list of locations where the transmitter supposedly was activated did not fit our route and was in no way activated by our car.

The evnts: A family of 4 arrived in JFK by plane from overseas for a 10 days vacation in New England. When we came to pick up our car, the Dollar rep. explained to us that we would need the PlatePass for tolls. As I had rented a car in Boston airport a few months earlier from another company, and was charged $25 for 2 weeks, I was prepared to pay that sum and be done with it (knowing that the tolls would be much less, but just to have quiet and not having to deal with it). Then the lady at Dollar explained that rental would cost $25 per day (!). I was not prepared to pay such an outraging sum and declined. The lady was almost threatening us, explaining that if we do not take the PlatePass, and also if we pay all the tolls at the manned cashiers, there are unmanned tolls and if the pass would be activated, then we would be fined and would have to pay $215. We politely declined and paid all of the tolls at the cashier boots.

Sure enough 6 weeks later we received a letter from Dollar to our overseas home, saying that, since the PlatePass was activated, we will be charged $214.98, if we do not take any action until the Due Date. The letter was undated and the Due Date had passed a month ago. We had already been charged.

On the back of the letter was the list of Toll details and Toll locations. When we took a closer look, we couldn't identify any of those locations and when we checked the locations on the internet they were not even near the places where we have been. The only phone number that appeared on the letter was an automated answering service for payment. I started to check on the internet, and soon enough I found tons of complaints and warnings of the Dollar Toll Scam. I also found a telephone number which I called and spoke to a Dollar representative. I gave her the Notice Number and explained that the list of locations that were detailed in the back of the letter and where we supposedly drove were not at all where we have been etc. The Dollar rep. was very fast in her almost automated answer. "We are aware of the situation. Your PlatePass was defective, your money is waiting here for you, we just did not know where to allocate it". I was stunned. I told her that they sure enough knew how to take the money from the credit card so why do they not just return it. She said that now that I called, she had an email and could give us the money back.

Within an hour I received an email in these words: "Thank you for contacting the Dollar Toll and Violation Processing Service Center. After concluding our research, we have found that you are not responsible for the balance of $214.98. Please allow up to 5 business days for the adjustment to process. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. For additional information, you may contact us by email, phone, or visit our website, You will need your Rental Agreement number and last name to access the information online. Thank you for choosing Dollar." We are noew awaiting to see that we really receive the reimbursement.

It is clear that Dollar took the money illegally from our credit card and that other people who have no strength, energy and time, and who do not get into details, just leave it at that and pay, and this is what Dollar is living off. The sales rep. at JFK knew beforehand that this is going to happen and therefore threatened us to take the PlatePass, because that is a sure and "legal" sale. I find it shocking that an international gozillian public company could commit these kinds of scams and frauds. Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (DTAG) (formerly NYSE: DTG) is a holdingcompany for Thrifty Car Rental and Dollar Rent-A-Car. Formed in 1990 by Chrysler, the company began operating independently in 1997. In November 2012, it was acquired by Hertz Global Holdings in a $2.3 billion deal.

So, BEWARE. I will never ever take a Dollar rent a car again. If there is another place where it would be recommended to file an official complaint against Dollar rent a car, please advise because that was more than a scam, that was fraud and theft.

  • Jul 31, 2017

Our travel agency hooked us up with Dollar-Rent-A-Car. It was a deal where we paid for the hotel, plane and car prior to the trip. Arrived in Orange County, California. My wife has had a stroke. She likes to get involved in car choice. The attendant told us what we had rented and rattled off 10 others. Much too fast. Then he quickly asked my wife what we drive. He said: I can put you in that. I was shocked to get hit with a $250 bill ($10 a day) when I returned the car. The car we rented was extra but the Dollar agent never mentioned that. Stay away from these crooks. My travel agency vowed to. Hope it hurts the bottom line.

  • Jul 26, 2017

I arrived with a confirmation, escorted to a monitor. I was speaking to Roger (who knows where he was), I asked all the right questions. Told me it would cost 13 dollars a day for my husband to drive even though we are both insured. I have a discount with the company I work for and when they typed it in the cost went UP by $1200. I had asked for a GPS and was told after I had paid I didnt get one and would not recieve one. Roger told me that Dollar requires you to take insurance on the car but wanted me to take the higher one to insure my husband and I. In order for all the paperwork to be given to me I had to take one of the insuance even though I didnt want it.

The person at the counter was rude and condecending to my husband and myself when I approached the counter. He acted like I was interupting his day. I feel we were taken advantage of for the cost that was double the amount of the quote I got.

Two weeks after we got home I got a letter in the mail for tolls. I was not aware of any road that I went on that was a toll road. I called the number to dispute it and the woman said that the road that led me out of their parking lot was a toll road. This also is a rip off and the admistration fee for two sperate tolls was $15 for each toll.

I will never rent from Dollar again and have told others also. I feel I should get some of the money back and that they should be put out of business.

  • Jul 4, 2017

I rented a car in Raleigh NC and was to drop off a few days later in Charlotte ... I was told when I picked up the car that I was covered for tolls with a plate pass style of payment like I always do with Hertz.

I was wrong ...when I drove through a toll in Raleigh, I was charged $7.93 for tolls ... and $90 for admin fee!

Rip Off ... Stay away from Dollar... I will go with Hertz ... yes, I know Hertz owns Dollar ... but at least I know on the front end that I will not get killed in admin fees with Hertz.

  • May 11, 2017

Got charged almost $90 for $6.25 in tolls this is outrageous! I never been to tampa so I thought it was like new York you have the option of paying cash or pay for an easy pass not in tampa they have those plate pass or they take a pic of ur license plate and Bill you so I see$ 1.25 toll and it said it would Bill me so I thought it would be charged they$1.25 onto my car rental Bill nope 5hey charged me $15 on top of the $1.25 so my bill was $90!! So upset about this what a ripoff

  • Mar 14, 2017

We had a confirmed vehicle (minivan) reservation with Dollar Rental Car at Cancun Intl airport booked through The booking was for 2 weeks, from Feb. 25 through March 11, 2017 at a quoted price of $250. Yes, this is a very attractive rate which is the reason we booked it. I confirmed with my credit card company in advance that CDW insurance and Loss coverage was provided by my card issuer. I also am covered by a separate medical/travel insurance policy so I had no need for this coverage as well.

We arrived at the Dollar off-airport counter as a party of 4 adults, an infant and a toddler (6 total) around 10 pm. None of the Dollar counter staff wore nametags. I believe our agent was Jose. I asked the agent immediately if the vehicle was available and he said yes. I then declined all the insurance options that we were offered including a ‘full coverage’ package priced at over $900 + tax + the original reservation quote. Even the lowest coverage option was over $300 + tax + original quote. We agreed to a USD$2500 security hold on our card. The agent accepted our decision (verbally) to decline additional insurance then proceeded to ‘process’ our payment. He was using a standard merchant terminal with chip feature but entered a large number of keystrokes for the transaction. When I asked him later why it took so many keystrokes, he said the HSBC system told him he had to do it ‘manually’. In any case, our Royal Bank Visa Infinite card was declined. Three times. I then tried my Royal Bank Gold US Dollar Visa card. Also declined. We then tried our son-in-law’s CIBC Visa card. Declined. We then tried my daughter’s Visa card. Declined. Four different cards. At this point I was getting desperate as it was almost 11 pm with two small children needing to get to bed. I then called the Royal Bank Visa help line back in Canada and waited 10 minutes on the phone to finally get an agent who confirmed that no authorization request had come from Dollar-Cancun airport for any transactions. The Visa representative stayed on the phone while the Dollar agent ‘processed’ the transaction again – it was declined and the Visa rep also confirmed no authorization request had been received.

I was then approached by a timeshare sales representative sitting at a desk in the Dollar office who said he was employed by the Vidanta Resort (north of Playa del Carmen). He said he could get me (as a special favour) a full insurance package on the vehicle for USD $700 + tax + original quote. I declined. I suggested to the Dollar counter staff that he was intentionally sabotaging our transaction to avoid letting the vehicle go without ‘optional’ insurance. He denied this. We were then driven back to the airport by the Dollar courtesy van and we took a $70 van-taxi to our resort, arriving around midnight. Post-holiday, Hotwire offered a $20 'Hotdollar' credit for our trouble.

  • Jan 25, 2017

People read this very carefully. On Sep 6, 2016 I rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car for 6 days. When I rented the car it was filthy and it had scratches all over it, but because I was already tired I took the car. I returned car on 9/13/16 and realized that they charge $56 facility fee and $18 concession fee and $21 in sales tax. So my bill went from $168 to $284.21. I thought the charges were ridiculous but whatever.

On Jan 13th 2017, I received a notice from their office stating I did not pay certain toll charges totaling $3.40 and assessed $15.00 adminstration fee per toll which was totaled to be $33.40. I carefully examined the notice. The claim stated the toll happened on Sep 6, 2016 at 6:42pm and another at 7:00. I thought it was strange because I went to Great Lakes, Illinois from Chicago O'hare Airport after picking my car at 2:47 and went straight to Hotel which was 30 miles North of car rental place and never left for the remainder of the day.

I called the place I told them that I was never at those tolls and to send me some proof. They said that unpaid tolls are sent in form of a report from Illnois Tollway, which is not true. So basically, they have no proof. Then they had the nerve to ask me proof I was elsewhere and I told them, " You are the ones that are sending me a bill, the burden is on and I am not doing your job." They immediately started telling me that customers could be lying and I was like, "Really?"

They then tried to give a courtesy waiver of charges and it would take 5 days. While during the time, I investigated myself to make sure that I did not make a mistake. And this is what I found:

The Tolls were located on Army Trail Rd and OHare(East) in which I was nowhere near those areas. So when I googled the tools, I noticed that the tolls were more than 18 minutes apart. My car was 4 cylinder Blue Elantra and during rush hour times, there is no reasonable way to get arrive at those tolls between tolls in 18 minutes.

So upon discovering this I sent an email stating my findings and told them I was not paying. I even placed a block on my card as they stated that they were automatically going to charge my card.

Their last email stated that my case has been moved up to management.

The point is that no customer should be treated like this and if a company has a nerve to charge an adminstration fee per toll they need to make d**n sure that people did it. Also, i am not paying for phantom toll charges!

I will update the outcome of this!

  • Dec 17, 2016

BUYER BEWARE TOTAL RIP OFF: Be careful when using tDOLLAR RENT A CAR at this location. In fact do not use them. I rented a truck at the end of July 2016 and returned it 10.30 PM in perfect condition from DOLLAR in SLC, went and caught my flight and thought nothing of it. Several month later I got a letter in the mail from PURCO from Spanish Forks UT which is a collection agency claiming I owe over $3000 for damage to the rental.

At this time of night no attendants were at the location to receive the vehicle. I left it in perfect condition and in the mail I received pictures of damage to the truck that obviously happened long after I had gone in the very tight parking lot probably. I got ZERO communication from DOLLAR- just a harassing letter and phone calls from the collections agency PURCO. Both American Express and my insurance company indicated off the record that they had heard of PURCO and were aware of this scam.

DOLLAR, you didn't have the decency to even reach out to me and went straight to a debt collector for damage I never caused- shame on you- BUYERS BEWARE they will rip you off soon. I never caused the damage and now PURCO are after me regardless. There is no EVIDENCE I caused it whatsoever but it does not seem to matter to them--Never rent from DOLLAR, customer service is terrible in a situation like this- look at rip off report and complaints dot com for all the bad things said about PURCO Spanish Fork in UT- as a consumer you have no rights and have no say- you have been warned!!

  • Oct 7, 2016

Dollar Rent a Car rips off unsuspecting travelers in Orlando. When I rented a car there was no mention of how to deal with toll roads. Every highway in Orlando is a toll road, yet in the Dollar rent a car is a sticker that says "Automatic Toll Pay." The assumption is that I will be charged the amount of toll when returning the vehicle-sounds fair. Imagine my surprise when I was billed $10.25 for tolls and $90 for "Administrative Fees." This is on a 2 day $40 car rental! Dollar is intentionally misleading consumers in order to cash in on these fees and including a threat with the bill of sending the amount to collections. This is completely unscrupulous. Do not use Dollar Rent a Car.

  • Sep 12, 2016

I rented a car from Dollar Rent-A-Car back in June 12, 2016 and returned it June 18, 2016 located at the Miami Interntional Airport. I do admit that I was not familiar with Florida Toll Roads and I also admit I crossed two or three by accident on our way to our destinition.

Shortly after obtaining the car and we headed off the Miami Airport area. I did cross Toll areas by mistake. The tolls were very insignificant regarding charges. One was for .53 cents, one was for $1.32 Dollar and on was for .79 cents. Here is were the rip-off comes in: each toll violation had a $15.00 Dollar adminstration charge attached to it.

I called and was able to get what they called "a one-time courtersy" discount on the toll charge violations adminstration fees. Well, I thought we were done. I keep recieivng toll charges for the month of June, July, August and now September for the same period of my rental dates June 12 - June 18.

These folks are pure criminal consumer rip-off artisits. I called them and they state that there is nothing they can do. They have failed to prove to me all the other unexplained toll violations that now come in to play AFTER the date times involved. They told me that if I had a beef/complain, I need to contact Florida Toll Rods. Yeah right, good luck with that, I said to myself.

My suggestion to you all is if traveling to Florida and renting from Dollar-Rent-A-car is be VERY CAREFUL. As far as I am concerned they operate a crooked business making up toll charges, adding criminal dollar amount of administration fess. By adding $15.00 administration fee to EACH toll violation that were just a few cents in costs. As a matter of fact, consider renting from other rental car companies.

  • Sep 8, 2016

My wife and I rented a car from Dollar at the Denver Airport. I specifically asked about toll roads and toll charges, and was told "Don't worry about them, just take the road and we will bill you". I have received a bill from for the $10.10 in tolls (that I owe) plus $60.00!! in so called administrative fees.

Normally when there is an excessive charge at rental businesses there is a large sign mandated by law warning $9.99 per gallon of gas and so on. There was no sign, but certainly once I asked about these they should be required by law to mention huge fees such as this one.

This is obviously a lucrative scheme, as they have set up an office in Mesa, AZ just for the purpose of extracting their fraudulent gains from unsuspecting users of their service.

This is a fraudulent business practice, not to mention elder abuse, if I have ever seen it. They of course hide behind the fact that this fee is mentioned on the "contract" in tiny print towards the end. Of course they have you sign on a touchpad and agree to the wording of the contract before they let you actually look at it. Clearly they encourage (require) their counter people not to mention their outrageous fees. And clearly they don't want anyone noticing that they are going to be charging this, by making sure no one reads the contract until after it has been signed.

I'm glad to pay the tolls, after all, I owe them.

The $60 should be refunded, and this practice should be outlawed.

  • May 23, 2016

company is unethical. They have been repeatedly sued for the very same thing that they did to me and it appears as though if the lawsuits had been properly worded they would succeed.

What these scumbags do is first try to get you to buy insurance, which you don't need. They then proceed to NOT tell you that as soon as you leave the airport you will be on toll roads and they will charge you 15 bucks every time you use one. They also neglect to tell you that there is NO WAY you can pay the toll yourself.

Of course all of this is in the "fine print" but the fact that they don't explain this to you screams extortion and fraud. Rotten company and I got a dirty car with worn out tires half the size of the car I expected on top of it all. Don't rent from this company!

  • Mar 3, 2016

Dollar Rental Car at Atlanta Hartsfield airport did not truthfully answer my questions about the true cost of car rental and also gave misleading answers to my questions.

When returning car an agent pointed out the extra charges I had been tricked into payingt hus costing me an extra $125+ dollars.

Attempts to resolve the matter were met with rudeness and abruptness and a resolute no.

  • Jan 15, 2016

Rented a car from Dollar at DFW recently, declined a $40 toll package as I was not staying in the area and was not expecting to use toll roads. Ends up, you cant transet to or from the DFW area without a toll road. My problem is the excess "administrative fee" onto of the tolls. I had various tolls for less than $1.00, no matter, each one had a $15 administrative fee attached. In total, I had $9 in tolls and $90 in administraive fee's. This is outlandish and cannot be a usual or customery charge. Grifting is happening right under the BBB nose's. Perhaps its time for a class action law suite.

  • Dec 18, 2015

For years we have been a Corporate Client of DTAG and we have made this complaint before, which is two fold.

Firstly, SLC says they have no idea as to what our negotiated rates are, and therefore cannot extend that rate to us at the Counter. It is the worst sort of lie anyone can tell in order to rent for more more money.

Secondly, when making a 1 week rental initially and then asking them to extend it for an additional week, I am told that is not possible. Again, BS. I spend well over $100k annually renting and I know better. So the argument ensues that if I call at the end of a week, they STILL won't be able to. So, I called customer service and asked her to change my reservation, which she says she did. The counter Lady continued to tell me she had no such change, even after 15mins.

I walked away from the counter and rented from ****.

Upon attempting to contact DTAG Sales Support for THREE DAYS and sending them an email, I have had no contact with them. I have called every number I had been given, and the ACD system invariably routes me back to the same place I was before. Customer Service told me they have no escalation procedures, no supervisors they report to and no knowledge of how to get me to Sales Department.

DTAG has attempted to manipulate events at the counter in order to rent vehicles for more than what has been negotiated, and then puts the customer in the ditch when they try to contact Corporate.

  • Dec 7, 2015

I am 69, a senior on social security. I travel infrequently but when I do look for travel deals. Dollar advertised with a travel deal package with that appeared attractive to allow me to visit my 90 year old aunt in Tampa with my sister. I had done this before with other car rental companies on previous trips to visit Tampa and was NEVER treated this way as Dollar treated me. I am a current resident of Pennsylvania and cannot affford to s****.>

I booked the deal and arrived at the Tampa airport on time and secured the rental agreement. I opted out of insurance as I am covered by State Farm and have an excellent driving record. I opted out of the toll pass as I have no debts and pay all my bills promptly and have a solid gold credit rating. [I am the kind of customer Dollar should want for repeat visits.] My sister and I carred $30 in coin and cash and paid all tolls to Brookesville and back to Tampa and for a visit to a friend up North. We are responsible citizens. I returned the car in perfect conditon filled to the nines with gas and met all my responsibilities. The transaction was October 28 - October 31.

After the trip was paid and finished (or so I thought) I received two invoices in the mail from reference nos. 10235502 for an additional $64.50 and no. 10226503 for an additional $32.12 from Scottsdale, AZ at the Dollar Processing Services, P.O. Box 113270 05 stating that I had incurred tolls at Anderson and Main and Sugarwood and Main for each $1.06 but demanding a total of $90.00 in "administrative fees" based on a clause in their liability agreement that the consumer agrees to pay for administrative fees for unpaid tolls.

Opt out is a scam to collect additonal fees by credit card weeks later by covering their a** with their clause. $60 admin fees on $4.50 of so called hidden tolls is excessive. Tampa Florida location CEO in Tulsa

The fact of the matter is that apart from their agreement to cover themselves with their liability agreement they are participating in a SCAM. Due to the location of their service it is evident that the toll pass for $40 is not posible to be an "opt out". One MUST purchase the toll pass; but the consumer is not informed of the hidden electronic tolls nor that the opt out is a necessity. The consumer is led to believe we can opt out and then socked with excessive "admin fees" tacked on to the credit card after the fact; covered by the carriers liability clause.

This practice is probably netting Dollar milliions of dollars a year and allows them to advertise themselves as a low cost carrier, hitting the consumer in the pocket after the trip with hidden and costly and excessive fees. If they were an honest carrier and reputable; they would not charge $60 -$90.00 for $4.50 in hidden Florida tolls for which there are no booths to pay, no sign notifications and for which Dollar neglects to inform the consumer at the desk when the rental agreement is being purchased despite the liability clause to cover themselves with this shameful practice. It appears their is a huge business behind collecting these excessive fees.

I would never return as a customer to Dollar Rental as this practice is corrupt despite their artfully constructed liability clause. They should do the right thing which is to inform the consumer of the necessity of the $40 pass or include it in the rental agreement but this would raise the fee on their tight competitive margins so they hide it and hit the consumer with it behind the scenes. It is a disgusting practice and they should be made to live up to truth in advertising and conduct themselves with better business ethics. I tried to straighten this out on several occasions and have hit nothing but unacceptible red tape and they are intent to hit my credit card with thse bogus adminstrative fees for $4.50 in hidden tolls. Shame on them!

  • Dec 3, 2015

We rented a car at the Los Angeles (LAX) branch of Dollar Rent A Car (9150 Aviation Blvd). The reservation was originally made with a Brazilian travel agency in my Brazilian father-in-law's name. He paid for the rental car beforehand via the travel agency. Because I'm American, my husband and I were listed as the drivers.

When we arrived at the LAX office to pick up the rental car, the attendant told me that he needed a credit card in my name, since I was the driver. I reminded him that we'd already paid for the rental car (which included insurance offered by the Brazilian travel agency). He informed me that the card was necessary just for a security hold, and that the money would be returned once we returned the car. I also distinctly remember the attendant mentioning that the gas tank would be full and that we'd have to return it full, another common rental car company practice that I didn't question.

Everything was fine with the car. We returned it at the Las Vegas Airport branch with a full tank of gas. When the "on the ground" attendant came to check out the car, he asked, "why did you fill up the gas tank? You had already paid for the gas." He showed me a code (FPO) on the paperwork that meant we'd already paid for gas. I was confused because I hadn't had any conversation of the sort with the Los Angeles attendant. The Las Vegas attendant told me I could go to customer service and get a refund on the gas charge, so my father-in-law and I went inside to talk to another attendant.

Once inside the administrative area, the next attendant talked to a manger and told me she would be able to refund the gas money. Then she confirmed the total final charge of $190.14. I told her that I was confused, since we'd already paid for everything beforehand, and any charges to my credit card were supposed to be security holds. She explained that the attendant at the LAX branch had charged me for a variety of services, including the tank of gas, roadside assistance, and some other insurance options that had not been explained to me. When I informed her that I had never agreed to those charges, she told me to get in contact via email.

After not receiving a reply to my email, I tried calling customer service and the employee was completely rude and unhelpful. Her logic was that I signed a contract and am therefore responsible for these charges. However, their "contract" is the receipt that printed out AFTER I signed the credit card machine; therefore, I did not receive any copy of a contract to read before I signed it. I was not even informed that it was a contract that I was signing, since the employee had told me that I was signing for the hold on my credit card. The attendant told me "if the customer chooses not to read the contract, that's their problem" and "I treat my customers the way I would expect to be treated, as someone who reads contracts before I sign them." Who fed her those lines?!!??

I'm very disappointed with the dishonest way that I was charged for these services. The attendant in Los Angeles (I don't remember his name, only that he was a young man) blatantly lied to me about the charges on my card, telling me the card was only to be used for a "security hold." I was only told to sign one of those electronic credit card machines and was given no contract to read or physically sign. I never agreed to the gas/insurance/roadside assistance charges and I am suspicious that the employees receive some kind of commission for these extra services; I also can't help but wonder whether this employee took advantage of our fatigue (after 18 hours of travel) and of my lack of attention since I was translating everything for my in-laws, who do not speak English, to make a quick buck for himself. I wonder how many international customers are charged erroneously and do not have the English skills or cultural awareness to defend themselves.

Run away! Avoid this company!!! Don't give them your hard-earned money.

  • Oct 23, 2015

I did rent a car from dollar rent a car in ft lauderdale florida airport location, they never inspect a car bofor they rent it out and if you traveling to key west florida there is no service avalable in that aria if you had any problem with your vehicle you are on your own, car has realy bad radelling noise, they are offering noting for bad car any credit at all, if you have a familly try to get or rent a car from diferent compony so make sure your familly in safe vehicle eiven if you pay little more it is wort it, do not rent any vehicle from dollar rent a car if you want to trust me just visit they site on google with all that bad review .

  • Aug 3, 2015

To whom it may concern;

Re: Dollar Car AKA Hertz Rental Car tickets subsidiary LAX area, Irvine, CA

The Hertz Corporation - 14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway - PO Box 269033 - Oklahoma City, OK - U.S.A

Cease and Desist this harassment, fraud and negligence!

I dispute this fraudulent claim from the Rental Car Company Dollar Car Rental and Hertz car rental who are the same company.

Background: Fraud of Dollar rental vitiates agreement

I had an agreement with Dollar that they would pick me up at the airport in their shuttle. At the start of their agreement they informed me that a shuttle would come through the lane under the purple sign every ten minutes, round the clock 24 hours a day. They did not and I was left waiting from out of town for at least an hour after over 10 hours in transit. Since they had a car reserved for me through the ABA Orbitz for Business Company I obtained an alternative ride to their company at my expense. I then complained that their agreement to have a shuttle bus going through the airport under the purple signs every ten minutes was breeched and that I was disappointed. I also told the clerk I was from out of town and never had been to this area and asked him directions to my reserved hotel room. As a courtesy he gave me a Hertz rental car with a GPS device for the same price as the Dollar car rental car. He turned it on and told me all I had to do was put in the address and follow the prompts. I plugged in the directions and pushed the button to avoid toll roads.

This device is a Hertz GPS device. I carefully followed the directions it gave me. It had a toll card on its windshield to cover tolls which had a name I can’t recall. However, I just wanted to avoid tolls altogether so I am not sure about that. I was taken down expressway and single lane roads with no turn off points. This device was programed exclusively for Hertz and it may be defective or intentionally programed to have you go through the tolls that they prepaid for with their card that was taped to the window. There are Hertz logos and advertising in the front of the GPS device when you turn it on, a custom device for the company.

Either there is fraud with Hertz, AKA Dollar Car rental or there is negligence or both. First of all they breached the contract from the start. Later on they put me in car with a defective device either intentionally or negligently. These breaches vitiate the validity of the contract. The company is squeezing more money out of me through the use of fraudulent or negligently programed devices. For this reason Dollar Rental AKA Hertz company should be completely responsible for the mistakes that they made. In fact they may owe me damages for the distress they have caused.

I feel someone should look into this company and its devices because it is a fraudulent method of extorting money out of more customers on their end as well as racking up revenue for the toll roads. I believe this is a type of extortion and fraud toward out of Towner’s that have no knowledge of the terrain. This could involve willful collusion or it may just simply be negligence on the part of both parties but the thousands of people that get erroneous fees from the company due to their fraud or negligence merits investigation.

Suffice it to say I was threatened wtih having my card charged exhorbatant fees and small fees by Dollar and being issued a huge ticket by the transportation authority claiming I went through a toll which I could not have since I programed the device to NOT go through Tolls. Either their is organized crime with collusion between the issuing agencies or rampant neglect programing the devices.

These corporations or agencies prey on peope from out of town and extort monies from them fraudulantly or negligently. I have sent them a cease and desist record and pray that someone turns them in and stops them from ripping off the little guys.

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