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Dex Media

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address PO Box 619810
Phone 844-339-6334

Dex Media Reviews

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  • Dec 5, 2015

Gathering class action evidence from all victims of Dex media. They claim one of our staff filled out an online form that entitles them to charge us monthly without providing any products or services. When asked to cancel this we have had various verbal answers but no results so far. They are also claiming that we somehow authorized a one year agreement to give the money for nothing in return. It seems that they have nothing to offer anyone other than a scam followed by hours on the phone with runaround tactics. Our attorney says this case is obviously not isolated, and suggested we go after them in a much bigger way than to reclaim what they have simply stolen from us. And band together and get these people into a court room and begin recouping. Please contact us with your evidence so that we and band together and get these people into a court room and begin recouping. The principals have surely been doing this for a while.

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  • Aug 16, 2016

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Interested in helping

We also have been scammed by Dexmedia (contracted for 12 mo) and they are charging us an additional 6 mo without our knowledge. They delightfully said upon conversation that though costumer service has authorization to refund/stop payments they not do so and plan on sending our company to collections if we do not make these additional 6 months of payments. We too can not get ahold of our sales representative. How can we stop this company from this scam? We want to take immediate action. Please let us know how we can help or if there is any information you can give us to help us settle with this scam of a company as well. Thankyou

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  • Feb 8, 2017

bad i net advertising

we were billed thousands for internet advertising, only to find that their "system conversion" has been using non existant phone numbers for moe than a year. they are refusing a full credit and refusing to do corrective advertising

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  • Jan 27, 2016

same here

I got off the phone with an attorney with th he firm who is preparing to sue me on behalf of dex media. my stoy is exactly the same as others.

All I did was click the link for more information so I could get a free listing for my business. The next thing I know a salesperson calls me, convinces me to try their service fir $99 for thirty days and the first months bill wouldn't be sue for 90 days.

I saw no benefit from their online services, I wasn't even sure what they were providing me. I called, received no explanation. Got outrageous bills in the mail, called them, no help. Called to cancel whatever it was they were providing me, not cancelled.

This took place for about 6 months. I never signed anything, never validated any charge for services they supposedly might have or might not have been providing me, by ever paying them a dime.

Now, about 16 months after trying to get a free listing I get off the phone with darcy clark of JSP management after responding to this voicemail:

"Darcy Clark of JSP management. I'm reaching out to you again this afternoon on behalf of one of your vendors and a breach of contract which was placed with our office on December 28 2015. If you would please reach out to my office immediately at 302-735-4628 ext. 134 and confirm your position to get this matter resolved outside of the court arena. I have been instructed to prepare your file for litigation. The project doing so I would like to speak with you just gather some information and again confirm your plan of action to resolve this matter outside of the court arena. I can be reached at 302-735-4628 ext. 134"

I call her up, try to explain my situation, and she asks if im willing to settle. I told her I'd pay her ten bucks. She said they will prepare my file for litigation.

This company, Dex, is dishonest and deceptive. Their sales people lie to you, customer service misleads and misdirects. Their call tracking system causes robospam calls. They never make you sign anything, but require you to figure out on your own their backwards way of cancelling.

Their new business model is to con small business owners, sucker them into an annual contract with their bait and switch, then sue you.

If you sign up with Dex, be sure to bring some petroleum jelly and hand grips for your ankles. I would love a class action lawsuit against these scum.

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  • Oct 26, 2017

Go with DEX if you like wasting money and having no results

Do not use Dex Media. We have had them for a year and they have not done anything to help my business I cannot wait till my contract is up and I can get rid of them. They have been nothing but a nightmare. they have the worst customer service I ever came across. If you want to waste your money I warn you never use a one time transaction with them. They will steal your money by taking the liberty of using that account anytime they want to without your authorization.

  • Oct 12, 2017

DEX Media which is now Dex YP is notorious for scamming their customers and I'm no exception see BBB REVOKED status. My company signed up with an account rep to try their advertising services for 1 year periods as agreed to with account rep and in writing. The account rep left and my account went past the 1 year contract date. DEX kept billing me and I had no idea what happened since my account rep left the comany! They now claim an auto renewal which absolutley was never given to me nor did I have any knowledge of whaysoever. My contract stated clearly 1 year only to run the program which also was a failiure and complete waste of money. They are now harassing me and put collections against me for $1,300 even though services were never rendered. STAY AWAY they are toxic and a complete scammer.

  • Aug 10, 2017

Multiple attempts were made to discontinue the services provided prior to the end of the contract period. All attempts to reach by phone or on web site were to no avail. Finally, we forwared a letter and check stating final payment no longer need services to the company. We received another bill and when we contacted the company (after sevearal attempt and long periods of holding) they stated that they do not read anything that comes to that address. I explained that no one had approved the renewal and we did not want services. They said we wiould have to pay. I feel this is a scam and even the information published on our behalf is incorrect. If you decide to do business with this beware. Their business practices are not customer friendly or a service that is worth the cost. It is a racket to scam the public. no recourse and nearly impossible to reach.

  • Jun 20, 2017

These guys called last year and asked for us to renew which we did not renew, we said we had different arrangements for our advertising, they were very pushy and kept calling, I said no every time.

That was 5 months ago and I just found out they have been billing our (AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED ACCOUNT) even though I refused to renew with them!

I called customer service, poor English, talks from a flow chart, no supervisor, the resolution center has odd hours and not available?

For example, Customer " Hi I have a question about my bill" Customer service "I am very sorry your having trouble, would you like to make a payment for $57 today?"

How is that customer service exactly? Its the same as blindly paying the bill without receiving the service, oh wait that's what they want!

I asked for proof of the approval of ad and contract which they can not provide because they didn't get one.

Next step? Attorney General?

I don't know why they want to fight so bad, just bad publicity for them and it makes you not want to use their service in the future even if it made sense to do so.

  • Apr 3, 2017

Dex Media did not provide the leads or the website that was promised and paid for. They continue to bill for services even after they shut down my original website. Jerome Morgan refuses to return any phone calls and I finally had to shut down my credit card to avoid Dex Media from adding charges and not providing services. Rip Off experts - hang up if they contact you.

  • Mar 14, 2017

Dexmedia is a complete scam.

I had been using supermedia since 2013, and it was ok that time.

Two years ago, I had to remove my advertising from phone book because none of customer looked phone book.

I think a new company 'Dexmedia' took over supermedia and the problem started.

They don't want to loose money so they offered me something 'pay per click' stuff.

I thought it was a good advertising way, so I signed 1 year contract.

One day, I realized my website tends to shut down around end of month. I thougth it was just technical error from the server. But, it was not an error. Dexmedia intentionally shut down my website server because of lack of 'pay per click' fund.

So, I was so mad and contacted one dexmedia local consultant, and he said my website will be go back to normal if I paid money right now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????

I never told they will shut down website if fund was short. IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!

  • Oct 10, 2016

At first the sales rep who contacted me was. Rey polite. He sounded very interested and knowledgeable. Gave me a sale price and lured me in. After the 6 weeks was up I was to be billed and start the monthly contract. I called my agent to let him know I was very displeased with the service and I received not one call for my advertising. He said he would talk to the manager and not bill me for the first 6 weeks and the reason I didn't get quality leads because I didn't have a website and SEO in place. BIG MISTAKE. I went along hoping to see results. Absolutely garbage. I could never connect with him again. I got nothing more than a bucket load of solicitors. All I got from them were every other month were new agents trying to work on my file. I called to cancel 6 times but I kept getting the run around. The website they built me was the most ridiculous inexperienced crap I have ever seen. Not worth $0.05 a month. After calling several of times, more agents called to fix this. All they want me to do is give them all the info to write, pictures and literature. I thought that is what I paying them to do. They didn't do anything. After going into my back office to look at my daily info, I had like 7 months with absolutely no activity because that's when I first told them I want my money back and to stop running my disgusting website they created. Now I can't get my business name back to make my own website because for some reason they claim to own it. If you type my business in google it says property of DexMedia. It's driving me crazy. And to top it off I get a collection agency calling me multiple times a day wanting my balance. They keep billing me month after month and now claim I owe them over $1700 to date. I don't know where to go or what to do. PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY! You've been warned.

  • Sep 14, 2016

The dex Media sales rep promissed that dex would deliver views that would turn into leads. I got zero leads.

I was sold a service that they could not deliver.

I suggest that you never use dex Media.

  • Aug 13, 2016

Ripped off and shut down

Dex media put incorrect information in my ad, and then expected me to pay for it, then sent it to collection! In my business people actually use the phone book my income went down by about 50%. I could never actually talk to a human being to figure this out, although I did email back and forth with someone claiming to be named Amanda. I ended up closing my business. I would love to be involved in a class-action lawsuit.

  • Jul 25, 2016

I had been advertising with the yellow pages for years and Dex Knows took over. I was promised an online advertising campaign that would deliver me business, and a small phonebook ad. The internet ad is what is called a display ad. When I was at a seminar I asked about this and why I wasn't getting any calls from it. I was uniformly told that a dispaly ad is not worth anything and that it does not reach consumers who are ready for legal services, which is my business. The display ads where placed on some entertainment websites which did not reach any of the category of legal consumers i need. I got no business from them.

I paid about $1200.00 per month for this useless advertising which this company should know was reaching noone. The Ad representative signed me for a year and asked me whenI wanted to start. I picked January. The campaign started in January and was to end January of 2016. January I called and the ad rep, who is now a new Rep,stated the ad would renew If It was not cancelled in writing. I cancelled in writing and continued to be billed. My Gold Rep told me that my Ad was renewed a day after I cancelled it in writing. The phone book ad and internet advertising was supposed to have ended. I continued to be billed thousands of dollars for the "Digital Campaign" I looked and sent information from my DEx portal that my campaign had ended.

Still they bill me. Then The local rep renewed me for both the Digital and phone book which is worthless and in addition is something that they didn't even make the pretense that I was getting. The phone book is dead. Noone uses it anyore and this company has no useful or effective advertising. They want to hook you into a contract and will keep renewing it because they cannot offer valure and cannot compete in the marketplace. The only way to make money they have is to badger customers and renew contracts that you don't want because their product is obsolete irrelevant and a leach on any business operation.I am going to complain to the North Carolina Attorney General. They are the worst!

  • May 15, 2016

My information primarily the phone number, was incorrect on half of my advertising. My business actually went down to 50%. Any attepts to contact anybody at dex media once the ad was sold resulted in either no contact or people who said they would get back to me. Despite spending four and a half hours at one time an accumulative 9 hours on the phone, i was never able to resolve this issue. I received phone calls from them asking me to pay the bill but there was never a live human being whenever i would call them. The bill that got sent to collections. I relish the chance to take this to a court of law

  • Apr 6, 2016

I became frustrated with the lack of professional support. It's apparent their methods are to corral as many clients with "bait" and not deliver a quality product in a timely manner. There is little customer contact from the developer and there was more than I expected to contribute to building the website. The overlay before going live doesn't look appealing and when I was notified it was ready to publish, the URL team needed more access to the previous domain (which I had already done) and I learned it was going to take another 5 days before going live.

This was my first venture in aquiring a website and I wish I was better educated with the process. I think I will consider paying the price of a more channeled developer in the future.

  • Oct 14, 2015

A repesentative from dex media came into my business showed me an advertising format and i was hesitant, but she told me i had a grace period to change my mind well after not hearing from her or the company i had to contact them and they finally got in touch with me a presented me with a poor looking website and was horrible so i was not happy with being left in the dark and the way the company was run so i decided to take advantage of my grace period which i was told i had til the end of october and i tried to cancel and now im told i cant, what a nice scam so i called her and she said she's busy and basically has given me the cold shoulder,,,so now what do i do ......

  • Oct 6, 2015

Dex Media Advertising contacted me over a year ago. The said they could drive tons of traffic to my website for my company and I'd be inundated with business. I worked with a saleswoman who got a contact in place.... had to get that otherwise they could not help me.... & I had to lock into a year agreement but with the understanding that I could cancel before the 1st month was up if I did not like the service for whatever reason.

In working with the saleswoman, she coached me as to how to set up my back office site to drive traffic to my website. On her review she told me it was perfect. A week or so passed & I got NO increased traffic or calls. But, THEY SAID that I was getting ALL KINDS OF TRAFFIC "as evidenced by the back office statistics." They even went as far as to tell me that I was getting calls from certain phone numbers & noting how long I was on the phone with them. But business... NONE!

Seeing the writing on the wall, I called my sales rep & told her to cancel the service as I did not see it helping at all as I was NOT getting the repsonse rate anticipated from the hype sold to me. This was within the 30 day cancellation period explained to me during the contract review.

Well all of the calls to my sales rep were recorded EXCEPT THE ONE WHERE I CALLED AND CANCELLED THE SERVICE. HOW CONVENIENT! Now, Dex Media is hitting me with a $3800 bill claiming that I did not cancel the service.

Well, it doesn't surprise me. They didn't listen when I told them to cancel the service & they're not listening to me now when I tell them that I already cancelled the service. I cannot even believe, $3800 for NOTHING! Dex Media's "ad services" are horrible! They DON'T deliver and the DON'T listen to their clients. I repeat, they DO NOT deliver advertsing. I received NO business from Dex Media's efforts to "advertise" my company.

Now I have collection agents on me trying to pry cash out of my hands for 1. poor, non-existant service on Dex's part, 2. non-existant ad services, 3. inattentive sales reps, etc.

STAY AWAY FROM DEX MEDIA! They do NOT deliver as promised especially to the level of their hype & they DON'T listen to their clients.

  • Sep 12, 2015


Dex media, James Hoos, and Robert Evitts, promised for only 500 a month they would raise me up in the Web searches for my area is misleading and a flat out lie! Do not fall for this scam. We have asked 4 weeks now to cancell our online media scam, and they refuse to do it. Myselfand two assistance have agreed we need to stop our operations in the office to start an online assault against this two individuals and dex media to prevent this from happening to others.

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