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California Astrology Association

Country United States
State California
City Canoga Park
Address PO Box 8005
Phone 818-340-9007

California Astrology Association Reviews

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  • Jun 10, 2016

June 10,2016

For the last 5 years I dealt with them ordered alot of stuff from this company from spells to jewelry nothing I bought ever worked but I did get some money back from them butt I will never order from them again 5 years and no change for the stuff I wanted never happen don't waste your money like I did!!!

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  • Jun 25, 2016


is it true the products here does not work?omg..i was about to order one lady luck amulet..please tell me :( so upset now

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  • Dec 13, 2016

It has worked in the past for me.

I have ordered spells and they have worked it all depends on what you are asking for if it is reasonably or not.

They stand to there word of giving you a refund within the year.

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  • Jun 29, 2016

I was looking for a little hepl on getting my debt(which) I can say I was desperate very much so.I gave this athought,sorry I did.It came with a speical price $29.95 and shipping&handling.It was said that the spell did not work you will get your money back.But I never did.The money back Guarantee is a sc pay me in retrun.The total was $32.90 the s&h was!I admit I made the mistake,but I would like them to pay and be paid inretrun the 432.90 and more for the trouble that this cost...Thankyou.

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  • Dec 20, 2016

Tried them a few times nothing happened waste of money totally. The response was always impersonal very genetic not personal at.Won't try them again.Don't have money to waste.

  • Jan 15, 2016

For my birthday my mom and dad gave me this Vanilla Visa Gift Card with like $200 on it.

Yeah ok, after realizing isn't for me, I stumbled across this "spell" casting organization named the California Astrology Association "Calastrology". First off my life had been going down the drain, and I wasn't getting that "best; great" 8th grade year I've been hoping for, last year - 7th grade was Hell already and I really wasn't going to let it describe my 8th grade year again. So after going through Calastrology's "FAQ's" and "About Us" they said; I can buy their products with parental permission so I ordered a Wishmaker spell. I spent $30, and that was the transection that appeared on my Vanilla Visa card. SO, I told in DETAIL what I wanted; SO DETAILED it wouldn't take a spell-genius to cast it. However they just decided to let people have a bad child hood, the next day I got email saying "We've canceled your order; you may purchase our products but it is in our policy not to cast spells for people under the age of 18".

I already thought that was bullshit, I mean it's not like I asked for harm against ANYBODY. I really think they should just clarify WHICH spells they aren't going to cast for people under 18 (love spells; black magick/retribution). BUT IT DOESN'T END HERE. I STILL saw the $30 transection on my Visa gift card, so I called the Vanilla Visa customer support, they said either to 10 wait bussiness days to release it or generate a 3-way call and have Calastrology tell them the transection didn't go through. There was a mere problem, oh Hell I wasn't going to wait 10 days, and I didn't know how to generate 3-way calls.

So after waiting like 10 days later; it had been about a month I stumbled across other-spell casting site called I knew it would work this time, but I NEVER knew PayPal didn't accept Visa cards so AGAIN a fustrated me just threw my Vanilla Visa card against the wall, with all my cousins watching.

So comes December 26, 2009; by this my card would've only had about $83, I finally knew what I wanted from Calastrology because they sent me this "$10-off anything" coupon which would expire December 27, 2009. So NONE of the things that I ordered were spells, they were 4 amulets I KNEW were going to change the route of my childhood. I'm going into too much details but the amulets were the KRENA amulet, SAMADHI, Mantaz amulet, and the Coin of Apollo. I chose rush shipping, which together would all cost about $70 but I used a $10-off coupon so that was $60 plus the rush-shipping (I wanted them by New Years Eve); so that was $65. I had been on my feet not being able to go to bed because of all this excitement, well this is where my excitement led me to on Monday December 28, 2009.

"We've canceled both of your orders, you must 18 to order please have your parents; the cardholder order for you". GODDDAMMIT! Oh what dumbasses are they in the first place, I'M THE CARDHOLDER. And really couldn't they tell me that in their last email!?!?!?!? And plus, I've had my parents permission and I NEVER saw in their website I had to be 18 or older to order. And plus in their FAQ's this is what they said "You may order our products with parental permissions". WTF, that isn't the same as being 18 or older.

So again, I was tremendously FED UP with it. I didn't know what to do, I emailed them back saying I didn't even order a spell, nor wish harm towards ANYBODY and just wanted to change my goddamn life. I don't what it is with these phony-spell casters now their just saying, OK let's just let people have BAD childhood. And this is what their doing to me. I took my Vanilla Visa and basically threw against the window. I nearly broke by keyboard. And of course...SUICIDE was the not the option, although I WAS in that suicide-mindset I was about to give up on life itself. WHAT THE HELL could they possibly want from me now? I told them I was using this Vanilla Visa gift card, and all that. And this is what send me back

"We understand your frustration, we are very sorry to dissapoint you. No charging was done at this time; only an authorization. We won't charge for an order, you can pick on of the items you ordered and we'll send it to you free of charge."

I STILL say bullshit. I told them NO...NO NO NO I don't want a free item, I want the 4 amulets for the $65 charge, I WANT them to take the $65 from my card and send me my 4-goddamn amulets. But nooooo....they decided to BLOCK my email and all my information. I'm not being selfish and if I was, I would've took the free item and demanded free rush shipping. But NOPE. I pleaded THEM to to take the $65 and send my 4 amulets. And guess what? They said they'd send me automated message within minutes, NOTHING. It's been 12 hours....NOTHING. Ok, so I send like 15 more messages.....NOTHING.

I tried calling their FAX number.......NO ANSWER. Well f*** these selfish-bitches. I saw customer service sucks a*s. I want something done FAST. And plus, they said "We'll expect that you'll have no problems with your Visa card as no charging took place". OK THEN..F***IN explain this

And I order ANYTHING that exceeds the available amount, then MY Visa card is DEAD. Calastrology....was my ONE and only hope for changing childhood, but I guess just because I'm 14 YEARS OLD, THAT's NOT GONNA HAPPENED.

  • Jan 15, 2016

Before even starting, I will say that just because a metaphysical store's products didn't work, does not mean they are a "rip-off". That is the scenario here, but again that's not why I'm filing this report. After all, as they did say in, spell casting is an art and won't always guarantee results. But when they promise you a "unconditional" money-back guarantee, and don't respond that is when it becomes unacceptable.

That'x exactly what I'm about to describe. I ordered this thing called an OBEAH casting on March 26, 2014, they sent me an email with a confirmation. Then they sent me another email, with a different order number (but it was an OBEAH casting email) saying my spell could be cast on March 28, 2014.

It is now June 3, 2014 and these last two months were enough to prove that the spell did not work. Okay, boo h*o whatever, so I did as anybody would I went to Calastrology's "contact us" page.

I did it either Saturday late night or Sunday really early (so we're talking either May 31 o June 1). They said there would be an automated reply "within minutes", but I recieved NOTHING. But you their hours of service were Monday-Friday, so I'm like okay I'll wait until Monday.

Came Monday, June 2, 2014 nope. There was no automated reply or any reply from Calastrology. So I sent them another email, late Monday night-very early Tuesday morning (we're talking like midnight hours).

I have still not recieved any automated messages for them. This is getting a little pathetic. I do not know what is going on, but here what I am guessing is happening.

a). Either they are too busy

  • Oct 1, 2015

I had PROBLEMS with this company as I purchased some spells that DID NOT WORK. It was like pulling teeth to get a refund as the woman I spoke to over the phone at their company was giving me a HARD TIME.

I had to contact the Consumer Affairs Department of California AND the Attorney General of California as this is the state where this company works out of. I filed a complaint against them to get my money back as I was WITHIN the 1 year guarantee.

The California Astrology Association refused to refund me, so that was why I contacted these offices. You can google them and get their contact information if you need to make a complaint against California Astrology Association.

After I made the complaint, I FINALLY got a refund!!! It had to take this extreme to make this company COMPLY with their own refund policy!!!

Since then, after I got my refund, I never ever did business with them ever again as they angered me and betrayed my trust in them.

California Astrology Association...NO MORE!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, they are a scam and their spells do not work.

If you are in a similiar situation of not getting your refund from them, please contact the cosumer affairs department and Attorney General of California and file a complaint as this will get their attention and make them respect you.

The Consumer Affiars Department and Attorney General were VERY helpful and helped me to get my refund back from this terrible company!

  • Sep 9, 2015

Have you ever heard of something too good to be true? If not, CalAstrology has that in spades. Everything on its site is designed to lure people in, right down to the Testimonials. Now, I got suckered in, here. I saw a Samadhi, an object/trinket/whatever that promises many things.

To take from their site, directly:

Worries May Vanish

Money Problems Could Be Alleviated

Relationships May Seem to Grow Stronger

Now, that's a lot of idle guessing. It's directly saying "Buy this, stuff happens. Or not at all!" but here's the ringer, "Can these things happen to you? Can the SAMADHI change your life, bringing you financial security and happiness? It has happened to so many others, why not you?" That's directly off their site. A guarantee.

And again, like a sucker, I fell for it. Who wouldn't want financial security and happiness? So I ordered one, waited for it to arrive, popped the envelope open expecting something incredible! Know what I found? A ******* Tiger's Eye Quartz. Yeah, a rock. I was (and still am) furious. Absolutely livid. When I e-mailed them about the rock, they said the object isn't important but the blessing that goes with it.

Yeah, they send me a rock and still try to sell it as mystical. Never buy from them. It's a goddamn scam site that preys on the idea that you want success. If you're willing to fork over the cash, anyways.

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