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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 774-392-8332

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  • Jul 16, 2016

My first time ordering from this company, I have ordered from similar companies. Other then not thinking there worth there cost, they were good on customer service. But this company, I'm not sure how they are still in business ? I placed my order, I was told in an email I would get a tracking number in an email. I never recieved any email with a tracking number.

So first I sent them an email like they ask, I was told the same thing. Just be patient, and it will come. It's been over a month now. And I have sent many emails, I've called and left messages. Along with other people, we complained on there FB page. And so they banned us from there page now, so you won't see any complaints on there page. So no one knows what a rip off they are, some people get there boxes ? Why some do and some don't ? Now they don't answer my messages in any way shape or form, so I figure I'm never going to see my box or get my $ back.

its not like it was a huge amount of $, but when your on a strict income and just wanted a little treat for yourself. To get ripped off, it's just beyond frustrating ! I don't know any other way to inform people, so I figured file a complaint here.

Becasue this is a smoking related item, some people might feel reluctant to bother reporting them. No matter what the item, a rip off is a rip off ! They took my money, and I got nothing ! And had to call long distance with my phone, I hope more people will come here and report them as well. Not put up with getting ripped off !!

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  • Sep 2, 2017

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I subscribed and got my first couple boxes. Then they took money out of my account and never sent the box. I sent many emails with a complaint and received some back apologizing and saying be patient. Still no box. Then more emails sent and I was sent one back saying my box would be shipped and my subscription would be cancelled and that no further payments would be taken from my account. It's been over 3 months and I have not received a box and they are still taking my money. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

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  • Nov 24, 2016

Never buy here EVER

I had ordered the august box during the end of july i did not recieve this box until arpund the 25th of September. By which time they had already charged my credit card for another box. (My fault for not cancelling in time) so i attempt to login and cancel my subscription.... When attempting to login i got a message saying a never had an account under that email even though i was receiving emails about them charging me for another box. After about 5 email back and forth between me and 5 different people i finally get a call from someone saying he will cancel my account and subscription and send me a "sorry box" none of which actually happen nothing extra was ever recieved and i now in november have had to call them back every single month since to "recancel" my subscription... This time being the fourth time i have gotten no response back from them after 2 voicemails an email and MANY attempted calls. If this is jot resolved or happens again legal actions will be taken

  • Oct 21, 2016

I got my box finally ! But not what I ordered? ;)

It's me again, I told guy I would post good vibes as he made good on my box . Originally I ordered the cheap box as I've been robbed b 4 .

Lmao, not only did I get but he upgraded and gave me dab rig and hemp candy . Giant ass mouse pad reads game of stoned .

? How you ask, well

I'm a huge asshole when I wanna be, so I chimed in on every live ses and posted there lies !

Still no luck, fb page ! Blocked

Lmao childish child's play !

Bet !

I posted on like 14 web pages from high times to seedles and found cfo & co cfo as I posted what happened on his page not knowing he was with them .

Not gonna name him, but you can do as I took bout an hour and I'm sure you'll get your budda !

Thanks tony, oops sorry

Almost let cat outta bag .

Oooo Gordon's racing gotta go

Hint, hint

  • Oct 20, 2016

stay away

The website acted out when i tried to order my first 710 box international, because of that buddabox charged me twice. I have emailed them several times, at first just begging them to give me a refund on one of the boxes and for them to send me the other one. Now over a week has passed since last email and still no answear. Dont buy anything from them, there is a ton of better subscription boxes out there. Hemperbox is one of them. Not the best stuff but hey atleast you get something you have paid for unlike these scammers...

  • Oct 17, 2016


Same thing has happened to me regarding this company. I signed up for the 3 Month subscription for my boyfriend just for a gift and without asking me sent 3 more boxes, and continued taking the money out of my account. I went on the website and removed the card info and cancelled, yet he just received ANOTHER box this month. I am irritated as all hell.

  • Oct 13, 2016

Worst Company Ever

I wish I could give Buddabox no stars. I have been chasing a refund for almost four months. They actually did refund me initially, but then they forgot to cancel it, so I was charged for the next month three days later. I have literally been told five timelines of refunds ranging between 25-48 hours, 5-7 days, and 30 days - I patiently waited as the timelines adjusted.

I have never been treated so poorly as a customer and am shocked that they are still in business.

  • Oct 11, 2016

We smoke your $$$

Same shit, gave me tracking number that's no good . Micheal, stormy& Amy are all liars .

Amy said four weeks ago it was coming that week 2 weeks later Micheal said he was taking care of mess and sent me tracking number like 5 days later that was sept 30th . I emailed three times one more pissed than next finally a response . We are sorry for delay you'll get tracking #in72 hours . Ha !!!

Three more days for a number that never gets picked up by usps ???

Worst group of stoners ever !

Fuck some & rest seem to party like it's 1999.

I know how they operate, get free promos from different reps and made boxes out of .

But they're getting more orders than they have stuff . So

Few get and are happy, rest get pissed waiting then finally new promos come in and they finally ship out ? If your lucky I supposed .

In any case it's bad business & there are ways to deal with this matter . This rant is one !

  • Oct 7, 2016

I won a free item they had me send my address and info to them to send it to me they never did i also bought a box from them and never received it they then decided to block me from their site i want my money and info back

  • Oct 5, 2016

On september 3rd i ordered my first buddabox, over 30 days later i did not receive it by this time i have sent multiple emails back and fourth trying to get a tracking number or even my package, finally i messaged wanting my money back but they didn't seem to want to give it to me telling me to just be patient. Then again on october 4th 2016 they took money out again. I have messaged them and no reply even before they charged me again. They stopped replying like three days pryor to charging my accubt again for something i never got in the first place.

  • Oct 4, 2016

Horrible service

Terrible company. Enough said!

  • Sep 13, 2016

Ripped me off

Once my subscription was up, they renewed it without notifying me or permission. Just took the money from my account. No where on their website does it say this will happen. Ive tried contacting them with no reply. They've since blocked me on their fb page for trying to let people know.

  • Sep 7, 2016

Never been treated like this by a company

I had been getting this box with little issue, since February of 2016. Like the previous poster. Its not a ton of money but none the less its my money. Every month it was more comical than anything. A new cheap piece to use, stickers, a lighter, and enough papers to last the rest of my life. My first issue was after getting the joke of a 420 April box they sent. They made promises on Facebook about multiple pieces and how amazing it was going to be. I ended up with a Gravlab "Tester" which resembled a crack pipe more than anything. I should have canceled then, but it was still nice to get a little something new every month. My biggest problem was this past months box . Again same old box, 2 packs of papers, a lighter, some raw cones, stickers, and a steamroller. I went to go use my new piece and I discovered that on top of it being cracked their was no hole in the bottom of the bowl head. Making it unusable. I figured it was no big deal once i showed Buddabox they would get me a replace, I can understand imperfections in glass making. Thats when it all went to hell. I sent emails and got no response also messages on Facebook and still got nothing. So I resorted to posting on their Facebook page. Each time my post was deleted within a hour. I was never vulgar or inappropriate. Each time I explained how they had deleted my previous post and all I want was a replacement piece. After 5 posts I was blocked and deleted from their FB page. I finally made some head way calling customer service, and was told what the social media department had done was unacceptable. I was told I would be unblocked and a replacement would be sent immediately with some extras for my troubles. I was also given a tracking number and told it would update with 24 hours. That was Aug. 30th, My tracking has said Pre-shipment since the 30th and I have yet to receive a replacement and I am still blocked from their Facebook.I still in awe by how the situation was handled. All i wanted was a replacement for my 2 to 3 dollar piece.

  • Sep 6, 2016


Company In which charges your credit card even after canceling your prescription with them. And then they never give a refund. Been back and forth with them for a month and now I'm taking legal action against the company because they can't seem to get there stoners brains out of there own ass

  • Aug 11, 2016

Game of Thrones Buddabox

I ordered the box July 6 and still have not received anything. Having spent $60 of my hard earned money on something I will never get to use is beyond frustrating, and I honestly wish I could just get a refund at this point. I've emailed them multiple times with the same response, 'sorry for the delay, we're doing everything we can to get these shipped and your box should arrive no later than x/x/x.' The multiple delivery dates given to me have all passed. At first I thought it was a shipping delay, but now I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get this box. I really don't understand what could be taking so long, or how their process works, but I will make sure to tell everyone I know to STAY AWAY!

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