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Assurant, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
Phone 1-404-881-7935

Assurant, Inc. Reviews

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  • Jul 17, 2017

Apt building was burnt to the point it will have to be razed shortly . Fire occured on July 4th from a bottle rocket that landed directly on a woodpile stored on the cement patio of the apt directly above mine. Spread so fast it destroyed all 12 units and I made it out with animals, laptop and purse with meds in it . that is all . We lost everything .

I filed a claim while fire was in progress so in no way was I late . I watched as other adjusters hurried out there on the holiday . I didn't expect THAT but I did expect the adjuster to be there before FOUR DAYS and the building was boarded up due to looters and public safety . The building is very unstable .

Adjuster knew our phones burned and the apt manager called the company and adjuster Thursday July 6 and told them that everyone else had been out and we needed help before the FD had them close it up and our manager was very willing to walk him through it - I heard her .

Too late . Saturday July 8th he called my husband at work 66 miles away and asked if he could see the apt . Husband says you are too late, its boarded up and there is nothing we can do about it . The manager was willing and did take him there . not surprisingly he would not complete a report even though the entire 2 upper floors are missing and the lower ones are boarded up and you can hear the building groaning . Fire Cheif says it's barely holding on.

Monday We call him to tell him they will be opening it up for a limited time for the apt insurance men to get in, He shows up but has to wait for the apts adjusters . He leaves . Can no longer get in touch .

Tells my husband he cannot get into make a report . Claims lady at the company says they cannot pay without his report . I say there will probably be no report given how late he was . This is his fault not anyone elses . Place is totally destroyed and I had a very low personal property limit of 13,000, its not like I was paying for a 150,000 loss .

They will only give me $3000 considered as loss of use of my apt but thats it .

So pretty much I will have paid this company for years ( 8) for nothing but 3000 .

I will have to replace everything on my own dime .

My brother called and spoke to a supervisor, claims agent got so agnry she called both of us on a conference call and put us both on blast . That is it. I wont have people talk to me that way when they refuse to answer calls and emails and we are forced to go to a supervisor . I am 54 he is 52 and will not have a young lady yell at us over anything . I have been in a total loss house fire

Oh and earlier I mentioned the fire started in the apt directly above ours, the adjuster did tell my claims lady that mine was farthest away from the fire and didnt look damaged to him . This is a direct lie .

I cannot believe what I am writing hardly but they are the facts . If you value your things like I did . Do NOT go with assurant . I will not after a few more months . It is usually obtained through your Geico car ins . I never dreamed it would turn out like this .

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  • Jan 4, 2018

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I've had them for over 6 years and been a loyal customer in the event I do have a loss. In July 2017, my apartment was robbed, yes, broken into by robbers. Who does that anymore? I thought nobody robbed TVs anymore. Well even worse is when Assurant treats you as if your claim is never sufficient and continuously asks for more paperwork. They did not pay my claim, $0.00. Plus the many hours filing the claim.

This is not a A+ company as they claim to be. And now I will refuse to have any renters insurance because whats the point? And for the Record, a police report was filed, I had pictures of my broken door knob, and thanfully, I didnt experience any PTSD or anything like that from being broken into. However, I know people who do experience PTSD and the last thing you need is for your insurance company to deny a simple claim. Assurant, thank you for nothing. I figure over ten years worth of no insurance, I'll recoup most of my money. And I installed a video camera in my apartment. Don't fall for Assurants cheap prices, they are cheap for a reason.

  • Sep 29, 2017

I ate dinner at the bar at Applebees with my wife. Got up, left, 2-3 minutes later I realized I left my phone . Went right back and the doors were locked. They let us in (we were the last customers there), told them we left phone and it was gone . We used " the find my phone application " from my wife's phone and it showed the phone was still in the store. Asked for manager who said they didn't see it. Went back next day because we were calling the stolen phone to tell them it was still there when we got home. The manager said he didn't want to discuss it, I called the police, they came and said to file a report and gave me the case number. I report all this to T-Mobiles insurance company who had me file a lost/stolen claim and they denied my claim .

  • Aug 31, 2017

I requested a policy on behalf of my son for renters insurance because i am a co signer on the lease. I specifically stated that i would need access to this account as i would be paying for the insurance. I was told i would be able to communicate with this company. It has been ridulous i told them my son was in another city and his means of communicating was inpossible because he has limited phone acess. The representative said that would be fine. She took my credit card.

My son was evicted and they would not cancel the policy without speaking to him first, i told them is was impossible.

I wrote them a letter stating my complaints and i needed the policy cancelled, and notified them by fax. That i would not authorize payments. I also notified geico by mail of the situation as i was referred by their company.

I talked to a banker and they suggested i change my credit card number. Now here is the kicker. They managed to get a hold of my new credit card number. How in the world did that happen.??As i was reviewing your outscam, i see i am not the first person this has happened to. I also notified geico as i was referred by them to this company.

Thank you for your site.

  • Aug 24, 2017

I purchased throughe chase bank a mortgage insurance, it was paid directly throught chase auto deduced up until 2015, i beccame disabled in 2005, i purchased in 2003, january all i neede according to tthe t 7nc was a letter fro Social security. well id sen this in was not enough

I had to have my doctor fil out a repot weekly, tthis was nto discussed upon purchaseing. is lost my primawy of this filin out of forms. so ifilled ofut forms and forms ad forms. the docotors hate me. and i was jut delayed and is still did not get mortgage ins paid/

chase bank would ot help and assurant /american banker life saidnot coul not find the the doctor. the doctor went to TExas. and ia m still waithin for chase aoto pay they still touched mymoney and sent to assurant/american banker life theey are very much involved.

Assurant/American Banker Life is the biggest rip off sealing money for disable individuals., helpless people,

This is how they become rich off of defenless individuals.

  • Aug 16, 2017

We purchased this very expensive extended warranty at the advice and solicitation of GE Monogram Appliances. We put in a claim because we had water dripping on the floor underneath both the refrigerator and freezer. Assurant sent out a local company who said that the internal drainage system and the drip pan on the bottom had rusted out and that this should easily be covered and they would order the parts.

Assurant denied the claim. They sent us a paragraph which is copied:

"12. What is Not Covered - Your Contract does not cover:

h. damage or failures caused by external factors such as freezing, inadequate plumbing, wiring, power supply, power surge, rust, corrosion, smoke, infestation, negligence, abuse, misuse, acts of God, leaking batteries, display markings, problems with phone lines; I. service delays due to Acts of God, war or other causes beyond Our control."

You will notice that this paragraph refers to external factors beyond their control. They highlighted the words rust, corrosion, took them out of context and denied the claim. We appealed and contacted GE. GE said of course this should be covered and sent them a note. Assurant took four days instead of the promised 1 to 2 and then denied the claim because of rust and corrosion.

This is like something out of a John Grisham movie. This company had no intention of ever paying this claim and they are a ripoff. We will appeal through the state of Arizona and cancel the policy and will never buy another GE appliance. However, we wish we had never bought the policy and caution others not to do so.

  • Feb 15, 2017

My cell phone went missing from my car while I was getting gas but didn't realize it until I got to the end of my trip. At that time I reported it stolen. Well when I filled out the report 3 times and faxed it in I used the word missing in the report when I actually called it as they denied the claim.

  • Feb 4, 2017

Assurant Solutions is an unethical company that should investigated for nonpayment to rightful claims. Would not accept claim on broken watch band that caused watch to stop working when it fell off. Happened first time I wore it. Policy stated it covered "accidental damage."

  • Jan 19, 2017

I bought a 3 year warranty on my GE Gas Oven and when I called the problem I have is not covered. I will never buy a warranty through them again. I just threw that money away. I should have saved it to pay a professional to come and repair my oven.

  • Oct 21, 2016

This company has gotten so bad in the last few years.

In May my son dropped his phone and cracked the screen. I called Assurant to file a claim. I waited several days for them to send me the shipping label to send the phone to them.

In the meantime I went to the Apple store to see if it could be repaired faster and cheaper than Assurant. Unfortunately I somehow lost the phone somewhere between Apple and home. I called Assurant to advise them that the phone currently with a damage claim had been lost. We proceeded with a loss claim that apparently never went into their computer system. They maintain that the phone claim was for damage even though they have the form that I filled out stating the phone had been lost.

Now 4 months later I am being billed $450 for a lost phone that I did not ship to them. Even though they had a copy of the paperwork stating it had been lost literally in their hands. They read it back to me. They then informed me that it is MY responsibility to file the claim correctly. I have no access to their computers so how would I know if it had been filed correctly? I did my part by calling them to initiate the claim. Calling back to advise them of the change in status, filling out their paperwork and paying the deductible.

I am thoroughly disgusted with this company and their sad excuse for employees.

  • Oct 21, 2016

Much like the rest of the people here, there was an issue with my mobile phone as it was lost/stolen. Like many on here, it is plainly obvious they deny ANY AND ALL claims just be arbitrary and usurp your "deductible." Mine, was $175. I file the claim through ma carrier who transferred me to Assurant customer service and I paid my $175 dollars. I was told that the unit would ship the next day but it never arrived. I log in online, heads up: you carrier will have internet portal. e.g. for those with T-Mobile and it indicated that my claims was denied. I contacted customer service to find out the legal and factual basis and even sent a message through the webapp interface.

No response. None. (Heads up, don't call them it doesn't get you any where)

I downloaded my policy and information from webapp interface (Each carrier insured with Assurant will have there own), and I gather my emails, and my communications with carrier and I file a complaint with my state department of insurance, and another with the Bureau of Electronic Repair. I'm obviously in California so those were my state agencies, and I made it clear Assurant needed to accept the claim or return my premiums. Those agencies reached out to Assurant demanding an explanation and had 20 days to respond and review the denial. During this 20 days had an adjuster to interview me over the phone ....HEADS UP this is a just another reason they look for a reason to deny the claim, I refused to participate in this explaining that I had already given the facts of the loss and that Assurant failed to respond to my enquiry giving the legal and factual basis of the denial.

I then get a letter from the adjuster saying that coverage had lapsed and that the loss was outside that lapse based on changes in the account. Despite my carrier charging me insurance since my relationship started I was at a loss for words causing derision in masse given the stupidest analyses I have ever seen in addition they were unable to return the premiums because the claim was adjudicated within the policy. I call up my carrier asking and received confirmation that there was no change in service or premiums for last two years. I add this secondary denial letter and the evidence obtained from the carrier that undermined their basis for the denial and forwarded it to my state insurance commissioner to add to my complaint.

Assurant has now given me a slam dunk to a bad faith claim be it small claims court or big boy court, and I can't stop laughing.

Next thing I know, not even a week after I get the claim paid catching Assurant in their bald faced lies....erm I mean alleged actionable misrepresentations.

So here's what to do when Assurant denies the claim:

1. print out or print to pdf you emailed claim or opening of claim.

2. Log into the webapp portal eg for tmobile

3. get a copy of your policy, and the notice of the denial

4. File a complaint with your state insurance commissioner, most can be done online and upload all those items, the emails, policy and denials. They will ask you what a fair resolution is to make sure you are not a cook, say the following " Just resolution is (1) pay the claim or (2) refund me the premiums"

5. You'll receive a notice from the insurance commissioner indicating that they will reach out to Assurant asking for the basis of the claim and an opportunity to correct an improper denial and that they must respond within a certain amount of time. In California its 20 days from the notice from insurance commissioner. During this wait period Assurant will have an adjuster call up, do not engage! Have them reduce all communications into writing as they are only looking for another reason to deny the claim. Remember you already gave all the facts concerning the loss, don't give them any more amo to look for another reason to deny the claim.

6. You'll receive a secondary letter directly from Assurant giving the legal and factual basis for the secondary denial, which will full of it because they have to invent a reason to deny. For me they said the loss was outside coverage period as the insurance lapsed, when there was none.

7. Go back to your carrier, get written evidence refuting Assurant. For me T-Mobile sent me an email saying that they had insurance coverage since before the claimed lapse of coverage claimed by Assurant and they sent all my statements for the past two years evidencing paying premiums from when the loss took place proving coverage.

8. Send that evidence in number 7 above to compliment your complaint to your state insurance commissioner. The state insurance commissioner will forward to Assurant demanding an explanation, and watch how fast your claim gets paid.

9. Optional: if you are feeling plucky, use all evidence from Nos. 1-8 above and file a small claims complaint against Assurant in small claims for bad faith breach of contract, promissory estoppel, negligent misrepresentations. Remember Assurant Solutions is a dba or trade name for AMERICAN BANKERS OF FLORIDA. Go to your state secretary of state to find out who the agent of service is and file suit and deliver to the address listing the agent of service.

I hope this post help!!!

  • Jul 26, 2016

We had purchased an extended warranty plan several years ago and the one time we wanted to use it, we were sorely disappointed. We called to schedule a service call for our malfunctioning microwave, and were promised one three days later, on a Thursday, between the hours of 12 and 5 PM. Late Thursday morning we received a message saying the call had to be rescheduled for the following day, during the same time-frame. We assumed there was a legitimate reason for this inconvenience. On Friday at 3:00 PM a message was received saying we were the next service call. We waited. At 5:30 PM I finally called, despite the difficulty of being routed through numerous prompts, and spoke with a human. I wondered how much longer we would have to wait. After being put on hold so she could contact the technician, I was told he knocked on the door, but we weren't there, so he left!!! What? Both my husband and I were home. Not only that, Assurion had both our home phone number and a cell phone number, but the technician never tried to contact us when we supposedly did not respond to his knock (we do have a functioning doorbell as well). I guess it was easier to get to his Friday night plans that way. The company was disrespectful of our time, assuming we could easily take off from work to wait for service, made direct contact difficult, and then was unmotivated to do everything they could to make sure we answered the door. No apology was given, no offer to reschedule. A truly unsatisfactory experience.

  • Jun 20, 2016

Beware when you send a damaged device to Assurant they are scammers. Everytime you call you get a different person and a different story. On February 12 a made a claim got replacement on February 13 sent the broken device Feb 15. All was good. I kept the tracking number the sent me just in case. Package was delivered on March 17 here is when the nightmare begins. All of a sudden on my April statement I get a $408 charge on my tmobile account I called assurant 4/24 story was got the package no phone inside open a case with usps, get a case number give assurant the case number and all will be fine. 4/26 gave assurant case number spoke with Jen it will all be taken care of. Wrong. May statement still had the charge. Called assurant 5/11 spoke with Alexis his exact words were "we found the phone. Phone is now on the system you don't owe anything." Days later I get text from tmobile that I had to pay the $408 or my service was going to be suspended. Called assurant 5/23 Brenda "received package 5/17, package is in warehouse waiting to be scanned it will take 1-2 billing cyles for the charge to be removed call tmobile they can call us to verify." Told I thought the phone was in the system per Alexis she said no its in the warehouse waiting to be scanned. Called tmobile told them the situation Karen at tmobile said she was going to handle was going to stop the suspension on the phone service. 6/6 text from tmobile phone suspended. Called tmobile told the story, stopped the suspension contact assurant. Called assurant by this type I was pissed. Marien at assurant, we got the package empty envelope was unopened.

By this time I was yelling at the told them I wasn't stupid enough to send an empty envelope I wasn't going to pay as I wasn't sh* money it's not my fault the phone was stolen/lost during the delivery. They were a bunch of scammers as each time I called I got a different story. She told me to contact tmobile. To her the company was bulls* and I hung up. Called tmobile spoke with Amera she was very sorry for the situation was going to handle said to call tmobile 6/20. Here we are 6/19 phone suspended again. Called tmobile said I had no choice I have to pay $408 told them I don't have kind of money it's not my fault it got Lost in transient said she can do payment arrangements. I asked can I do a new claim for stolen phone? I wasn't covered for stolen phones. Let her know I was with AT&T for 15 years never had I had such problem with them. Trying to get cheaper moved to tmobile less than a year ago and I get this service. I guess you get what you pay for. Conclusion when you send back your device please get some sort of proof of mailing if that helps don't want anyone to go thru what I'm going thru. As for me, I'm not paying scammers any money guess I'll go back to at&t.

  • May 27, 2016

Don't use this company for insurance. They over evaluate your home and charge you an outrageous amount.

I called to tell them that my 2 bedroom one bathroom home in rural North Carolina was in no way worth $186,500 in the event of total destruction. I did the research and it would be no more than $15,000 to clearn up the debries from my home and $80,000 to rebuild it from the ground up.

The rep was argumentative telling me I didn't know what I was talking about that an inspector had come out to evaluate the price of my home - I explained to him there was nothing in my home that would justify them overcharging me for insurance. I asked for my home which is totally paid for to be revaluated and that based on the information I had I was over insured.

I immediately got off the phone and called Traveler's and Allstate neither company would even give me $150,000 of coverage citing that the home if a total loss would be worth no more than $109,000 and even that was a far reach. Unfortunately I didn't check my policy I just wanted my home covered and for years I have been overcharged. What bothers me is that I am not the only one - that there are elderly people being ripped off by these insurance companies.

Oh they have threatened to cancel my insurance because they can't rip me off. Go ahead. i was paying $1,818 a year for insurance on a 900 sq ft home. My parent's home is twice the size and they are only paying $900 the next town over. Allstate gave me a deal for only $847 so people beware of this company.

  • May 16, 2016

I worked as an independent contractor for Assurant Health last year and they charged me back money for health insurance policies that I sold for them even though the customers were still active and had their policies, in many cases, through the entire year of 2015.

My NPN# is 16058113 and I spoke with an Assurant rep named Jerry Hubert 800-800-1212, ext 8326 on March 11 and he confirmed that the money had been charged back to me even though the customers were still active until the end of the year.

  • Apr 21, 2016

I filed a claim with Assurant Rental Insurance. It was a theft claim that I filed on March 5th 2016. I was a victim of an armed home invasion. The intruder stole my sons Xbox one, play station 4, and several hundred dollars in games. I sent the police report and all the forms they needed filled out and also all the proof of ownership receipts. I have called several times as to when my claim will be finished. Here it is over a month and my claim is still not finished. I called last week and was told it would be finished and then called yesterday and was told it still wasn't finished. I'm sick of them they don't return calls. They are very rude.

  • Apr 13, 2016

Assurant health insurance is horrible . They have not paid all of my bills that are outstanding . My claims are in the process of arbitration and it is been over six months and there has been no response . Meanwhile my stuff is being threatened to go to collections . This company conveniently dipped out of the healthcare industry leading lots of people with unpaid medical during the time that they were covered under them .

  • Apr 11, 2016

My name is Quancidine H-G and today is March 29, 2016. On Friday March 25, 2016 I called Assurant, DBA: American Bankers Insurnace Company of Florida to find out where my money was. I am a victim of Identity Theft and I received my OPM HACK LETTER from the United States Office of Personnel Management on November 7, 2015.

On Friday, March 25, 2015, I spoke to the Customer Service Department Supervisor Mrs. Frances and expressed my dismay on not receiving any of my Insurnace Checks and that it had been over 30 days and I had not received any correspondence from Assurant except for one letter dated January 21, 2016 that I promtly answered and sent back in the mail to Assurant. On the envelope I put the Claims Superviors name, Kathryn Nelson. I have not heard from her since.

Mrs. Frances took my information and had the Claims Manager call me from home. His name is Mr. Andres Manuel Vazquez. He called me and we talked for over 30 minutes. He seemed just as shocked as I was about the claims, stating that "the five claims came across his desk". He never said they were not approved. I asked if they had been paid out because I have not received any checks and this has been going on since January, 2016. He told me he was going into work on Sunday, (Easter) I knew then that the claims had been approved and the checks had been cut. He said he would call me on Monday, March 28, 2016.

After speaking to Mr. Vasquez on Monday, March 28, 2016, I could tell that he found out the checks had been cashed because of how his conversaton changed, I asked him a point blank question, "have the checks been cut and cashed" and he hesitated and said no. He started talking about how he would have to call CSID-Rose Rodriguez to verify the three-way phone call that the IRS Fraud Department, Rose Rodriguez and myself had in November, 2015 verifying that someone had filed taxes in my name for my stolen Survivors Benefits. Mr. Vasquez said he would call me back between 4:30 and 5:00.

Mr. Vasquez called me back between 4;30 and 5:00 with a cockamannie story about Rose not being at work. I asked if she wasn't at work why didn't you ask to speak to her superisor. He got very quiet. I asked for the supervisors name. her name is Carolyn. I told him this is why I have requested the audio tape because I knew it was going to come to this. Meaning that Assurnant is not paying me my money, and probably not paying any of the other Identity Theft Victims. Instead he said to me many times that $171,396,52 was a lot of money. What in the hell does that have to do with anything when my insurance policy covers up to one million dollars.

I asked Mr. Vasquez why I haven't received any letters from Assurant if my claims were denied? He couldn't answer the question. My contention is he approved my claims, the checks were cashed by his employees, he found out and instead of paying me my money and reporting the the stolen checks and money he wanted to make light of the situation as though I don't qualify for my own money.

I want my money, all of it, $171,396.52. This is just the tip of the ice berg. I am pasted pissed off at Assurant and Mr. Vazquez for not doing his job and handling this issue. I want an "AUDIT" done and I want my money this week. It will not be hard to start a petition to find others who have been awarded insurnace polices for Identity Theft and not paid their money. On top of that Assurant is hoping that we don't catch on and go beyind the statute of limitations and just have all of our money with no way of recourse.

Please help me!!! I have done all I can with Assurant. Thank you, Quancidine Hinson-Gribble

  • Mar 10, 2016

My belongs were stolen I was covered under a renters policy been with the company over 2 yrs never filed a claim with them. If someone breaks into your property and takes it you don't have no pictures no receipts you have no way of proving the things exsist you know it does how do you get reimburse for the things stolen. That's why they call it theft they are treating me not like a victim like the perpetrator really I want my money for these items. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do here.

  • Jan 7, 2016

As of December 31,2015 Assurant doesn't offer Major Medical Health Insurance. They took out my $579.20 payment on December 2, 2015 and again on December 30, 2015. I can not find anywhere in my payment schedule where I received 30 days of insurance before payment was taken.

When I called, twice, to findout when I received the 30 days before paying they couldn't say but said they always give insurance and then get the payment for the previous month. I stated that when I first enrolled I was expected to pay upfront; they said, "yes but that the following month I did not pay" My bank records show otherwise! What is my recourse?! They don't offer anyway to show my payments and my web account with them doesn't offer to show my payment record with them. They never gave electronic receipts. Only saw the monty debted on my bank statement so no credit card help here.

My next communication is to the Insurance Commissioner, Govenor and Attorney General (Federal and State)

  • Nov 6, 2015

If you want good customer service don't use American bankers. If you want to talk to a live person don't use American bankers. If you are looking a for a timely response to your claim, don't use American bankers. I had a tree fall into my house and punch holes in the roof, wow they are in no big hurry and really don't give a dam about you.eanwhile the weather has turned rain snow and American bankers is still p***y footing around while I have holes in my roof, I will be taking my business elsewhere

  • Oct 9, 2015

I purchased an extended warranty for my Whirlpool washer after being convinced by the company that it would be a quick and less expensive way to have my machine repaired and protected against future problems, at a cost of about 30% of the machines value. Though this was expensive it seemed like a justifiable decision as my husband is serving overseas and I am not familiar with making the repairs myself. The repairman that was sent from Assurants warranty company informed me that they (the rep from Assurant) told him it would cost more to fix than was justifiable, so I would need to call and set up getting a replacement. I waited a day for everything to process and called to see their solution. At a great disappointment, they simply denied the claim and refused to make any reparations. I was blatantly defrauded out of my hard earned, and highly needed money by Assurant.

  • Aug 29, 2015

Filed a claim with Assurant on July 13, 2015. All seemed well in the beginning. I was asked to sign the evidence of property sheet and return to company. I uploaded documents on their online claim portal. My adjuster called and stated which documents I needed to provide .I gave him police report number which was given to me by officer that came to my home. The adjuster asked that I provide photos / Item receipts / bank statements etc. I contacted the Adjuster about a week later to check status, adjuster let me know he could not move forward with process until the police sent my report which he stated could take up to 4 weeks to receive . I said I would go grab it for him instead. Police department is fairly close to my home. After recieving police report adjuster said I would need to do a recorded phone call. We set up a time he called on time as he stated he would . He asked me a series of questions then towards the end of the call he started to fire off questions about my previous claim. He stated I did not list prior claim on insurance sign up . I let him know that I did list prior claim and let him know while signing up I had a hard time moving forward in the application process. I signed up on my mobile phone which is an IPHONE .. I let him know on the recorded call that I kept pressing continue and the calendar wouldn't remove and this is the calendar that's used to select date of prior loss. I let him know that I screen shot the error as I do with all companies that have glitches, I'm in compliance by trade I find errors in systems at my financial institution and forward them to IT for system glitch clean up. I let the investigator know that I also listed prior loss on the paper they sent out.., I forget the exact name of the document ... Stated to the adjuster why list on one document and not the other. After this investigator stated an SIU investigator would be contacting me which she never did. Throughout thr process he asked me questions about my items and why I didn't have receipts for my items.. 1 I don't keep reciepts 2nd who keeps receipts for things they cannot return or get a tax write off for. None of my items that were stolen were used for work or for any goodwill. I let him know I have photos from some of the social networking site with pictures of me wearing some of my items that were listed in my claim. I provided my bank statements to show the withdraws of cash that I had taken out to purchase some of my more expensive items. Adjuster ask prior to me welling providing my bank statements you should have the purchase place on your receipts. I let him know I preferred cash this way no over spending. Moving forward adjuster stated he needed to gain information on prior claims and the items which were claimed. In the process of waiting I received a ROR letter from this company. One certified one reg US mail .. With insurance verbiage listed on the back of the letter. On front of letter it basically stated I must comply with SIU I felt this was odd verbiage to use in a letter expecially because I complied with all request within 48 hour time frame, I have a detailed log of every call made to this company including their responses and mine ... I immediately contacted California Department of insurance they told me to make sure I respond to the letter. I responded to the letter via email with proof via a read receipt and one is out in US mail certified. After this I contacted adjusted again and at this time which was almost 3 weeks he was waiting on a response from the prior company and only SIU could gain that information. Found hard to believe but okay ...I called back every day. He said finally they recieved documents but unfortunately they were incomplete.. I call BS... Something wasn't right. Wait forgot to add that when is asked if I needed to respond to the ROR letter I was told by Adjuster and his indirect supervisor "no need to respond to this letter " it's just a generic letter we have to send out .., next I contacted the California Department of Insurance they stated by law I have the right to contact the other insurance company and see if the documents were requested. I contacted the other company which is AMIG Insurance they were very helpful they got me to the manager within the first call. The next day I recieved a call back she said I'll look into this I provided my email address of course for documentation of course compliance habit.. Anyway moving forward I got an email back from another manager with the previous manager CCd on the email.. The email read no documents were requested by Assurant for this claimant. I contacted my adjuster immediately I let him tell me we are still waiting on documentation from the SIU department. Then I said okay but how are you waiting for documentation that was never requested ? Silence ..... I said attached to an email that's I just sent you is my full correspondence with AMIG insurance of no documentation being requested ... What the heck was I waiting for 3 weeks for !!!!!!!! insurance by law is supposed to treat all claims fairly I feel if I didn't have to provide photos they wouldn't have known I am a minority and would've paid my claim along time ago. This company is linked to Geico and Geico was ordered to pay customers for raising rates on single moms etc. Their online system Was actually set up to raise rates for different factors .. Google will give all details of news headline which aired this week. I am a minority but I make a great salary ... And I am an excellent saver ... I work hard like anyone else ... I am not making this a race issue by any means but I feel discriminated against because had I not provided those photos maybe I wouldn't be going though this dragged out insurance process.... Next time ask for my compliance certifications and educational achievements maybe it would be easier to actually work on my claim .... I don't deserve this sort of treatment by any company!!!!!!!

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