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Apollo Gate Operators Inc

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 12625 Wetmore Rd #218
Phone 210-545-2900

Apollo Gate Operators Inc Reviews

  • Feb 13, 2017

I had an Apollo Gate Opener installed 3 years ago. It has been worked on 30 times and the mother board replaced 3 times. It was worked on 1 week ago and 3 weeks ago. They did a software upgrade. It is completely down and will not work. Smells like it is burn up, same thing happened 2 years ago when they replaced it the first time. I have had two different installers work on it and it continued to have same problem. Work work for 1-2 weeks and then they would press the learn button and it would work for 1-2 weeks and then have the same problem. Besides the board burning out the Left gate would eventually start opening and closing real slow. Right gate worked fine. Press learn button and it would work for 1-2 weeks. Each time the installer would call Apollo, they would say it was a lightning problem. Since that could not be the problem because we haven't had a storm since the board was last worked on. Only one time did the problem happen after a storm. The other 29 times there had not been a storm for weeks or sometime months.

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