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American Homes 4 Rent

Country United States
State California
City Agoura Hills
Address 30601 Agoura Rd, Suite 200
Phone (855) 774-4663

American Homes 4 Rent Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2017

Moved in to American home for rent house. A month after being there we started hearing noises in the ceiling. First thought was squirrel raccoon something was in the wall. We investigated it several different times . Almost a year of living there with thinking that it was just noise my home caught fire early in the morning while my husband was recuperating from surgery. The Fire Chief stated that the fire was due to faulty wiring. A hot tub was removed without capping the end of the wiring in the Wildwoods placed into the attic over my garage which is where the fire began. The Fire Chief also informed us that the noise was hearing was something called arcing haven’t arcing for year before somehow something allow oxygen to get to it. I am so upset because American home Shield have been expected this house thoroughly before and allow this house to go on the market. Margaret Home is not in the business of the renters there in the business of making money and not the well-being of the people that’s renting from them.

  • Aug 5, 2017

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We have been in the house one year, we have had multiple maintenance issues, it takes 2-10 times to get each issue fixed. The current air conditioning problem is the icing on the cake. I can not get them to fix our air conditionignproperly. Today it is 81 degrees, 69 percent hunmidity, 77 udegrees upstairs and 76 degrees on main floor. I am middle class hard working tax paying Lady, my Daughter is 28, Granddaughters 11 and 2. We all have allergy and asthma. The 2 y/o is Autistic, has sensory processing disorder, she cannot verbalize well, she can't tell us if she doesn't feel good. It is so hot if we would cook, do laundry or run dishwasher it would get worse. I rent for the very reason so that I do not have to do maintenance or pay for it. I live it a nice subdivision with an HOA. i pay a lot in rent plus utilities to live here and expect things to work properly. If I had to take off every time they need to come here to fix thing, I would be fired from my job. My Dtr is able to be here to meet them. She is a College Student and takes the 2 y/o to all her therapy appts. I can't believe they don't have an on-call person in the evenings or weekends. This is a huge company all over the US. I met with 7-8 of them today and they told me the temp in my house is acceptable. I told them I want out of my lease, I was told it would cost a lot, I told them I want a quoate. They did not clean the house well either before we moved in. We did a lot. They should have replaced carpet, did not, refuse too. Since Jan. I have cleaned it twice, once professionally and I did one with good machine. It took 6 months to get toilet fixed properly. The refrigerator has never been fixed peoperly. I am still waiting for the Carpenter to look at dinign room ceiling where the toilet over flowed-has been 3 weeks. They suck you in with their viewing process and retal process but do not maintain their homes.

  • Jul 20, 2017

I can not stress how awful this company is. They are ripping off hard working people on a daily basis. Since we moved into their property it has been one disaster after another and they do not care. They leave people in unhealthy conditions, don't repair serious issues for months if ever. I've missed 14 days of work so some incompetent vendor can come out and still not fix the problems. I was told that they wouldn't fix our AC until it was above 80 in the house even after I told them I have a child with asthma, so I had the repairs done myself. There was a leak from the master shower from March till June. I was offered a settlement (it didn't even to begin to put a dent into what I've lost) and wanted me to sign a nondisclosure agreement. It began to leak again and I got a email stating that the work order was closed they were not able to get in contact with me, however they never called. Something I also paid to fix on my own since I've already seen they don't care. The dryer outlet almost caught fire and burned up my dryer, something it took them a month to fix. They do not return phone calls or emails. They don't allow you to put utilites in your name so they can charge you whatever they want. As they will not show any proof of usage. I've asked for the home to be inspected for mold and nothing has been done. I called the States Codes Dept to have a inspection done own my own. Please save yourself thousands of dollars, a world of stress and do not rent from these crooks.

  • Jul 19, 2017

I leased a large luxury home in Suwanee (Atlanta) Georgia about a year ago. American Homes 4 Rent lied to us on the maintenance standards and condition of the home to get us to lease the property for over $5,000 per month. The first nearly three months we had no air conditioning as 2 out of the 3 air conditioners were completely broken (outside temperatures then were over 90 degrees) and ultimately required replacing and would not work, as well as the water heater did not work and had to be replaced so no hot water…….so no hot water either for nearly 3 months either.

After requesting maintenance through their maintenance request website (which I have determined to be a fraudulent system) they put off maintenance and wanted to get bid after bid after bid. I found that many of the vendors will not work with American Homes 4 Rent because they are a shady company and do not properly pay their vendors for the work done and have been blackballed!

Then we had severe problems with the roof leaking massive water and reported it….. After many, many months still no-one ever showed up to fix it and now we have a severe BLACK MOLD problem that threatens my family’s health. These are just a few of the problems, I have left out most like the severe electrical problems that present a fire hazard and other issues which AH4R has never even had someone come to repair even after numerous requests in writing and verbal.

So finding that this company needed to be held accountable, and that I believed they were putting off maintenance in order to fraudulently pad their corporate earnings and obtain lower loan rates, better public offering rates, and increase their corporate bonuses for the insiders I decided to take them to court and also look for the many others who have been defrauded by these corporate slumlords and fraudsters.

I have filed a MAJOR FRAUD lawsuit against AMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT in the Gwinnett County Georgia Superior Court this JANUARY 2017. The lawsuit is now progressing well and may most likely be converted into a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT with a target damages claim of $400 MILLION DOLLARS. I would love to hear your story on how AH4R has defrauded you, and or avoided (and/or delayed) their maintenance obligations. The fraud suit alleges that AH4R is putting off or not doing necessary maintenance on their properties in order to fraudulently manipulate their corporate books and earnings by (eliminating normal maintenance obligations) from their operating books, 8K's and 10K's. This is similar to the SECURITIES FRAUD committed by Bernie Ebbers who was the CEO of MCI WorldCom who is now serving a 25-year Federal Prison sentence! Please contact me immediately at 202-569-3947 or email me at to learn more, participate, and/or share you misfortunes that this slumlord has perpetrated upon you and your family. 07-14-2017

  • May 5, 2017

I rented a house from a realestate company called Mack. After living there for two years the company filed bankruptcy and was brought by American homes4rent. I was initially under a 3year contract and was given 10 days for rent to be in after due date. When American homes took over(after 2 years in my lease) they began charging all types of fees, making it almost impossible to know exactly why they were being added. They changed the rules in the original contract and I was being bombarded with fees . I tried calling the management office but I was put on a recording for a return call that Inever received.I looked on line and was I found an email address ...I replied to the management company and still no reply.I was closed out of their online bill payment and had to find another way to expedite my rental payment.I have been trying to talk to someone so that I can find out my total pay out ( so I can move) and there's no one to talk to!!!This has to be one of the most agregious companies in the rental industry...I advise others to please research this company before you let them get you

  • Feb 20, 2017

As others have noted, we rented with homes 4 rent for 15 months. We were shown a very nice home and agreed to rent we went the day of our walkthrough and were met with someone we had not met before. We went through each room and identified several areas in each room that needed to be repaired, replaced or added. Primarily the carpets in the living area, bedroom and dining areas were badly soiled and smelled badly we were instructed that they would write that down on the walk through document and we could try and get the carpets cleaned and steamed but they were acceptable to the company and would not be replaced at this point in time. The leasing agent was instructed that we wanted this documented as there were huge stains on the carpet that we could live with but we did not want to have to replace when we moved out later. The shower in the upstairs bathroom started leaking into the downstairs ceilings, no one ever came to repair, we also had no air conditioning for most of the summer no one came to fix it, also during the walk-through there were some areas in the paint was really an awful gold color. We were told we could paint any color we wanted and that we did not have to repaint or base paint when we moved out. We did change paint color or repaint, we did as instructed on move out document repair any nail holes in the wall. We had been instructed at walkthrough that nail holes were not an issue. We were told we were to live in the house as if the house were our own and treat it as if it was our own for decorating and painting. There were problems with spider nests in the house and ant nests in the house. They never came to correct. We were forced to pay to have someone spray for those Corrections in order to live there, They also never came to repair the leak in the bathtub and shower they did finally have a man come to get an estimate on cost to repair for the company, he looked at the leak in the ceiling and told us that they would need to get approval from the company to fix it. He never returned. We eventually had to put a window air conditioning in the upstairs area too cool the sleeping areas. At move out, we were not allowed to attend the move out walk through. We were provided an invoice for each of these items that I listed plus a couple of more, I.e. screens not fitting. were all listed as items that we had damaged and we were charged for each of those items nearly $1,400 in damages when we moved out. We can assure you that when we moved out of the house the needed repairs in that house and the carpet in that house looked a hundred percent better than it did when we moved in. We fortunately had pictures at move in and move out to show the difference. So I would say if you have any possibility of getting an attorney or someone to look at your house now before they start to charge you for those repairs or before move out this is your best opportunity. We were instructed we should have done so the minute they did not complete the repairs or did not respond to our complaints. We should have contacted the consumer affairs office at that moment to have someone intercept for us. We would recommend that anyone still dealing with issues with Homes 4 Rent, PLEASE be aware of that and also be aware that some of the same people with Homes 4 Rent are now working for other agencies and pop-up rental companies, Also be aware that you should document and be aware to document and take pictures as we had. The Indiana attorney general and the consumer affairs will take the case. It sometimes takes a while sometimes two or three years to get a resolution on it but you will get a resolution from Homes 4 Rent. You see all of the complaints, you see the Attorney General's are involved in every state!' Get out while you can if you're not involved do not get involved with them.

  • Dec 27, 2016

I selected a property management company for a move from the northeastern part of the United States, to the southeastern part of the United States. I have used property management companies in the past, and have always been pleased with the quality of services provided. That is, until renting with American Homes 4 Rent. I arrived in Charlotte, NC, met with a staff from American Homes 4 Rent. Although she was pleasant, she was cavalier about the condition of the home. The home was filthy, although cleaned out, but the floors were filthy, not swept or washed, the window sills had dead bugs on them, the bathrooms had hair in the tub and sink from previous tenants, the lawn and yard had not been mowed or raked in several months, as it was covered with leaves, and branches, as well as overgrown lawn. There was no screen on the sliding glass doors, and when i inquired about the missing screen door, the staff replied "Well, you can aways buy a screen door."

When i asked why the house hadn't been cleaned prior to my arrival, the staff claimed it had, even though she could see the muddy foot prints on the hardwood floors, as well as the dust and dirt around the house.

After living there for several months, i began to receive water bills through their conservice department in excess of $1,200.00 for one month. I tried, 6 times, to resolve this, and get an idea as to why my water bill jumped from $37.00 the previous month to $1,243.00 the following month. I repeatedly put in service order requests, and spent countless hours on the telephone with Conservice, as well as American Homes 4 rent, and to no avail. After more than 2 months, and now a total of $1,900.00 in water and sewage bills, they finally sent out a plumber to look at the water usage. As i was challenging the water bills, American Homes 4 Rent, took the liberty, without my permission, to pay the water and sewage using from an old, leaky toilet, out of my account. When i asked about this, they insisted i had authorized the payment, which i had not.

When there was a rodent of some kind in the attic, i sent in a service request for them to look into it. They never responded, and when i contacted them for the third time about this, they told me i was responsible for the removal of rodents.

When the airconditioner was not working, again, i sent in an order for service, which they again, told me i was responsible for. I paid $150.00 for the airconditioner to be fixed.

They provide absolutely no maintenance, no services, and do not respond to issues within or around the home. Eventually, i asked that they just sign the deed over to me since i was expected to act as a home owner, not a tenant. This was, by far, the worst rental experience i have ever had, and would never rent from them again, under any circumstances. I have never written a complaint about a company, but this was such a bad experience, that i felt i needed to warn others about renting from them.

Lastly, i moved out more than 30 days ago, and still have not received my security deposit, or any word from them as to when i may expect it, if at all.

  • Dec 24, 2016

This company has the worst maintenance department. It takes several weeks to respond to maintenance issues. Also, they do not take care of maintenance issues before you move in. After I moved in, I had to have a garbage disposal replaced, a faucet replaced, a loose fitting sliding screen door adjusted. I was told I would have a washer and dryer upon moving in, however when I moved in there was not a washer and dryer there and I had to go buy a washer and dryer.

Other issues are several non-functional and dated looking blinds that have not been replaced. The carpet is old and looks worn and dirty and it has not been replaced. The backyard has pain chipped off the concrete and it has not been repaired. Exhaust fans are extremely noisy and have not been replaced. Several lights were dim or nearly burnt out, I had to replace the lights as they would not put in the more energy efficient led lights. All the smoke detectors malfunction due to age, they have not been replaced.

Just recently I had to contact the maintenence department about several outlets that were not working in the master bedroom, it took several weeks for someone to come out. I was told the circuit breaker could not handle the load, but to just keep turningh the circuit off and on if happens again and if the outlets stop working then call them. They would not immediatley replace the circuit on the circuit breaker. My rent is due for renewal and they want to raise the rent from $1,250 per month to $1,390.38 for a month to month lease. They will not keep the rent at $1,250 per month despite my request to do so. Needless to say I will be looking for a rental with another company.

  • Dec 20, 2016

I contacted them over 30 days before my lease was up telling them I was leaving on my contract end date and they still auto renewed me into a month to month. Then did not contact me for months after my lease was up to tell me this. After 2 months of me calling them for my security deposit they told me I owe them 2 months of rent and I will not get my security deposit back. Not to mention they completely screwed up my renters history.

Never use these guys. They will rip you off and completely screw you!!!

  • Nov 24, 2016

I was deployed with the Arizona Air National guard. AH4R was me to sign a more expensive lease while I am gone, or convert into a month-to-month lease at a significately higher rate. I do not want to sign a lease while I am gone, because I don't know what kind of job I am going to have when I return. I informed AH4R about my situation, and they informed me that their was nothing they could do. So, according to AH4R, I either have to sign a lease while I am deployed overseas, and not be sure about my situation, or shell out a few extra hundred dollars a month. I just wish this company would extend my current lease a few extra months while I am deployed. I don't wanna have to worry about this.

  • Apr 11, 2016

The absolute WORST maintainence EVER!!!!! My kitchen faucet leaks. Bought a $150+ new one. The old one requires a special removal tool. They said they'd send a plumber out to remove the old faucet. BUT, they will NOT pay to install the much nicer one I purchased. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jan 7, 2016

Confused on why we pay RENT each month and when there is a maintenance problem from normal wear and tear I am responsible and have been charged for maintenance cost. Then why the hell am I renting and not buying. I can never get In touch with property manager in timely manner to discuss concerns. When I go finally get a phone call property manager response is well I am busy and my ringer is turned off. Fees on top of fees are ridiculous. This company is a fraud. I have been in property management and I rent because I did want the responsibility of maintenance. Our rent has rent up.

This a a older home and I would think they would encourage you to contact them about THIER property on maintenance. Well, I was charged $125 for plumbing and literally the vendor did not do anything and said he would not charge me. Then I get a bill from AH4R I called and property manager say they get the bill and the forward over to the RENTER. This company buy property and never come in to do an inspection. Therefore, they have no idea the conditions of the already wear and tear of the property. The nerve of the property manager saying well we did not charge you for the garage door being off track. Really! I let them know this was a previous issue before they bought this property. This company is a scam and they want to try and evict you so they can charge you all these charges and then get someone like me who think this house is the best fit for my family but in turn being scammed on fixing up their property.

My family and I will be moving not because of the rent but because the staff does not care they are unprofessional and they only want to scam you out of more money. I will be going to consumer affairs on this as well. This company is based out of California and when you speak with corporate they are rude and act like we are not customers and whom are paying their pay checks. They act like they are doing us a favor by let us rent. Lets stand up for a cause and let ah4r that they can't keep getting away with this. I pay $1435 per month for a reason not expecting to pay that much in rent and still be responsible for regular maintenance.

  • Nov 17, 2015

This company is a complete and total rip-off. 1st they offer an online system to pay rent and have rent funds auto debited from bank account. Then they never auto debit your account they charge fees and fines and then never send notice that rent wasn't received. They lock the online account so you can pay immeadiately. They then file evictions and charge you errouneous fees. They then hold you hostage to pay all of the fees and when you dont they try to evict you. This happened to me however, I went to court and challeged them they lost and after I won in court they still tried to charge me for their legal fees when they were the ones who tried to sue me. I called time after time and they never refunded the fees even after I had a court order. Please run do not rent from this company you wil be sorry and it will cost you lots of money in the long run. I will have to now hire a lawyer in order to get back the money that they took from me and in essence spend more money. Customer service is non-existant and they will not call you back, or respond to e-mails. Please I implore you do not sign a lease with this company . Look under yelp they have over 40 reviews all 1 star. Also check out yellow pages all reviews 1 star. They are horrible. Save your self a dollar and find another landlord.

  • Oct 13, 2015

I had no air conditioning in my home for 4 months. This was during the hot summer in Georgia. The temperature got up to 98 degrees in my house. American Homes 4 Rent did not care at all and I was told that my rent covers a roof over my head and that's all. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they closed the case becuase the company stated they resolved it with me. However, they have not even contacted me in regards to making it right. They don't care abiout the company. However, if I didn't pay my rent then I bet I'd hear from them right away.

  • Sep 11, 2015

No response to maintenance requests. Horrible customer service. No return calls or answers. Over charges for utilities without bills from the utility company. Keep 2250 deposit. House was returned better than the day I moved in. Charge 20-60 bucks for things like throwing out a phone book, leaving toilet paper for ppl to use, hand soap, ect.

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