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American Border Collie Association, Inc.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Cataula
Address P.O. Box 100
Phone 706-322-4400

American Border Collie Association, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2017

If you are a member of the ABCA in good standing, please ensure you take a look at the credentials of the candidates on your 2017 ballot, and ensure you submit your ballot correctly to the CPA.

For example, if you breed, please be advised that Eileen Stein is against any breeder that produces 30 or more puppies in a year…(If you have two huge litters- you are blacklisted unless of course you are her friend…In which case, I’d imagine your name would be “accidently” excluded-Eh, Patrick?) Also, she is probably the person behind the ABCA removing the term “Democratically Ran” from the ABCA's website as the general membership DID NOT get a chance to vote on the “ABCA High Volume Breeder’s List”. In America, Presidents can only have two four year terms-yet Eileen Stein has been an officer for much longer than that, and she is very controlling by nature... Let that sink in a bit, and the word “dictator” comes to mind.

Also, Jamie Spring has little experience in the Border Collie world (and as a breeder), and yet in 2016 when her turn came up to run for office again-she was the most “proud” to be behind the “ABCA’s Code of Ethics and Best Practices” of which the membership was not informed about until 2016, and they were expected to magically know about it to abide by the “Code of Ethics and Best Practices” in 2014. Based on her own version of “ethical” it is probably perfectly acceptable to hold someone responsible for something that did not exist two years prior. The average person would probably conclude that generating new information and expecting members to abide by the “Code of Ethics and Best Practices” two years prior is a prime example of back stabbing. Jamie Spring tried to run for ABCA office last year 2016, but she was not elected. See the attached 2016 ballot…

Also, the woman that hosted the finals in CA (A State well known for animal activists) is a supporter of the events (AKA blacklist) that happened at the annual meeting in CA….Do we really need animal activists involved in a dog breed generally bred for work?

Bottom line: Who are these women to tell others what they can or cannot do with their own animals? Obviously, if a person is not able to produce dogs that work or if the dogs they have are kept in horrid conditions-people would complain publically, not purchase from them again, and report them to the local authorities. Supply and Demand 101…

Nevertheless, the ABCA has no problems paying Secretary-Treasurer Debbie Baily over $70K a year...It sure would be nice to sit on your behind, attend whatever trials you want on the non-profit organization’s dime(kickbacks?), while being paid more than double the average pay for a secretary in the state of GA! Why wasn’t her officer position of Treasurer, not voted on? If it was an elected position as it should be, she would not be holding it much longer considering her extremely rude and condescending attitude towards members that pay her salary via dog registration fees!

If you want to vote for any of the above back stabbers that are against the ABCA being ran by its members, it is your right to do so, but be prepared to suffer the consequences.

  • Mar 3, 2016

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The American Border Collie Associated was founded in 1982 as a member-owned, democratically ran Border Collie Registry. However, in January 2016, President Dr. Mike Neary, and the Board of Directors of the American Border Collie Association took it upon themselves to publish a list on the ABCA’s website equal to that of the McCarthy era blacklist. The general membership did not vote or otherwise have a say on the matter. Thus, the elected officers decided amongst themselves that the registry should be an oligarchy that is just as fair as the Inquisition.

In a newsletter dated November 2015, the Minutes form the Annual Membership Meeting held at York Ranch, Alturas, CA on September 24th, 2015 Stated:

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