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All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Margate
Address 2000 North State Road 7, Suite 101
Phone 800-741-6837

All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2017

This company should be avoided at all costs.I contracted them in April 2017 for a move, with a storage period before delivery.

I have been trying to arrange for delivery since June 2017. As of today, I have had consistent delays for over three months, and still do not have a confirmed delivery date. All State is a moving broker, meaning that it sub-contracts the actual move to a different company. The idea is that All State handles all the complex logistics to make the move smoother.

I have experienced the exact opposite. The company they contracted, Relo Van Lines, has behaved unprofessionally, using pressure tactics, threats, and holding my goods hostage--effectively refusing to deliver. All State reps have been unwilling or unable to keep their own contractor in line, or to arrange delivery. Their status as broker has meant multiple conflicting communications, different agents handling my case, changes in personnel, and on several occasions direct belligerent calls from the carrier, which muddied the waters even further.

Since delays mean more profit for both All State and Relo, I can only conclude that this is intentional. On top of the delivery problems, All State is changing a price significantly higher than the "binding estimate" they quoted based on a thorough and accurate inventory. I was quoted $4,800, but the final total is over $8,000, including additional storage costs that I neither want nor need, because of their own failure to actually deliver my goods and complete the job. In the meantime, I have had to spend additional money for temporary accommodations and furnishings for me and my family, at a further cost of nearly $8,000.

The cost of All State's failures has been enormous, both financial and emotional. I cannot begin my new job because important documents--social security card, marriage certificate, etc.--are being held by the carrier.

I spend time and energy every day trying to get this nightmare to end.All potential customers should try to avoid the miserable experience I have had.

  • Dec 2, 2016

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I had an initial quote of $4461.00. I did a physical inventory list, and even submitted competitors walk through that came onsite to the house. Kenny, the salesperson, told me he was promrily concerned with the big objects, that the "software" program would calculate the boxes etc. He way underestimated the amount I had to move. Once they loaded the truck they informed me I lowed an additional 2100.00 because I had more than they anticiagted. They help my furniture and refused to deliver the finiture until I paid the balance despite federal law stating it was illegal.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Contracted a move from Colorado to Texas. To be loaded on the 7th of November..loaded 3 days be delivered on the 18th....this is the 27th..we have not received our items.. We were told three different times they were not sure where they were. Will not return calls, will not give helpful info. I have hired an attorney,filed claims with the BBB and Federal Motor Carriers. My next action is to contact all Texas senators and representatives. Any advice will be most appreciated

  • Sep 1, 2016

My family has moved several times including internationally, and we have never had an experience like this. Below is a summary followed by a detailed day-by-day account that includes failure to deliver as promised, complete lack of communication, lies and damages.

Failure to Deliver

The driver failed to arrive on the promised date. When they arrived days later, the truck was full. We had to arrange for a truck and a location to store the load.

Jesus promised to deliver on Friday, June 3rd and did not actually deliver until Friday, June 10th.

Complete Lack of Communication

Over the course of this two-week ordeal, I called Jesus countless times and sent him several text messages. He did not once return a call or message.


Jesus repeatedly lied about pick-up and delivery dates, truck locations, promises to return phone calls, how much was due, promise to provide a written contract based on the verbal agreement we reached.


Inexperienced movers did not know how to protect floors, walls, chandeliers and boxes resulting in damage to furnishings, flooring, lighting and walls.

Lack of Inventory

No actual itemized inventory was done.


Wednesday, April 13th

I submitted an online request for moving quotes.

Rachael Spicer called me shortly thereafter. We went through my household goods room by room in an attempt to compile a rough draft inventory and estimate the weight of the move. The weight estimate came to 4508 lbs. I asked her to increase the weight estimate since a previous move was estimated at 5000-6000 lbs of goods. She revised the estimate and sent it to me.

~Monday, April 25th

I got a few more quotes from different companies (including a local mover with a cheaper quote), but ultimately decided to go with All State. I called Rachael and scheduled the move for pick up between May 28-29 and gave my deposit.I was told by Rachael I would know shortly which day the movers would come and that my delivery date would be given to me during my pick up.

I requested an estimator come to my house to look at my things since I wanted to be sure that we were correctly estimating the weight.

  • May 30, 2016

All state quoted me a price based on the estimated weight of household goods. This was for moving and storage of items while we found a new place to live in CO. I was told that once we signed a lease, all we had to do was call, and the company would furnish a date of which things could be moved. We added an 1000 lbs. after initial assesment to cover any incidentals or overages. Once I agreed, they secured a $2500.00 deposit. After securing the deposit, they asked for more $$ based on an "unforseen increased weight assesment". I tried to back out at that point, and they would not let me saying that my deposit would not be refunded. We agreed to continue, and finish the transaction with a credit card.

Fearing that I may be overweight and charged more I sold an ATV, generator, bedroom set, and other miscellaneous items worth at least 1000lbs. I figured that there was no way a professional mover could be off by 2000lbs., or 1/5 of the total weight of my things. I was wrong.

The move date was scheduled for the 18th. The movers showed up on the 19th at 4pm. I thought this was pretty unprofessional, but was anxious to get things out of my house. When the truck driver showed up he asked for cash or a money order to load the truck. I explained that we were using a credit card, and he had his office call me. Some guy who hardly spoke english started to demand money, and threatened to unload the truck and have the movers leave. He said that his credit card machine was broken. My response was that this was not my fault.

I immediately called our All State moving coordinator Janique and explained our agreement about paying with a credit card and expressed my dissatisfaction with the service that I had received thus far. Her response "OK we'll see". Finally at 9:30 that night we were asked for the credit card number and another $3500.00 was charged. I asked for a receipt, and was sent an email with something saying paid $3500.00. I called the next day to get an official receipt with a company name and explanation of charges. After about 10 phone calls and emails I finally received a receipt.

I called the office on the 23rd to request receipts and spoke to someone who said that my request would be forwarded to my moving coordinator. I called the office 3 times on the 26th and did not receive a call back at all. I left my new address with someone and asked them to schedule the delivery of my belongings to my new house. The representative reassured me that they would start the scheduling process.

On the 27th I spoke to my moving coordinator about receipts, weight tickets, and delivery forecast. She assured me that I would have these documents that day. She also said that it would be another 6 days until she could even request my belongings to be scheduled for delivery. I never got the receipts, so I proceeded to email and call other people in the company. Finally on the 28th I received the documents------from other people. The moving coordinator said that she would be working, and that she would have an update on delivery. When I called the office, they said that she was not working. They did however let me know that my belongings were over weight by 1500lbs., and that I owed another $1200.00 above what I was initially quoted.

So far this has been the worst experience that I have ever had in working with another company. I am amazed that these people are still in business. If I could go back in time I wish that I had researched this company more. They seem to have over 300 complaints with the BBB, several of which are not even resolved. I am very upset about how I have been treated, and told exactly what they think I want to hear. I want my stuff delivered ASAP, and I want to resolve this. Please don't make the same mistake that I did by hiring All State Van Lines.

  • May 5, 2016

Hired all state van lines for a cross country move. They made us buy a crate for $450 for our harley Davidson motorcycle, at the last minute as it was custom painted, even though they knew we had it prior to the move. It wasn't mentioned until they were about to load it up. So we agree, pay $450 additional. Were told 7-8 days to deliver. 14 days later they finally arrive. Every call asking where our truck was one lie after another. The truck broke down. It'll be there tomorrow. Theyre delivering to another family in kansas then down to you. On and on. The truck hadn't left Chicago until the day they decided to deliver. The harley Davidson was tow strapped to the front and rear fender scratching the paint down to the metal. No crate!! No $450 crate. They claimed an "error".and 14 days later we got a "good faith" refund for the non existent crate. They refuse to pay for the custom paint job. While unpacking, a box of mens diamond jewelry was with our belongings. Clearly, NOT MY STUFF. notified all state who wanted US to pay to ship it back to them. I tracked down the owner and he got it back. They lost my deceased ww2 vet father in law's artwork from his time overseas, a sentimental painting that I can't afford to replr, an entire box of brand new Disney dvd's from a baby shower for my infant that I moved with, furniture dolly and numerous other small items. All irreplaceable either due to sentiment or inability to afford to replace. They changed movers on us at least 3 times prior to delivery and when they finally mosied to my door refused the money order made out to all state van lines and wouldn't remove an item and threatened to leave with my stuff if they didn't get the correctly made out check. We did get a new money order & wrote in the memo section "for movers".and at that point, one of the movers pitched a fit and wouldn't begin unpacking as we wrote on the check and now its no good! Eventually hid coworker got him to see reason. To this day they've offered $120 for my missing and damaged items. The paint on the fender has to be shipped back to the place that did the job and its $900. I told them to keep the money, just please, please find my stuff. They say its gone. Sorry. If I had known, if only I had known. Now ill tell anyone who'll listen how horrible this company is.

  • Aug 21, 2015

Don't get ripped off! This company has a history of false advertising and problems. Don't believe me, visit the Better Business Bureau website. They have a B- rating and more than 278 disputes. Including one they are working on for our family to get our stuff.


On June 11, 2015 All State Van Lines Relocation (which is not a mover but a broker) took our $2,200 deposit and gave us an estimate of $4,300. On August 5, 2015 - Best Price Movers out of Chicago showed up with a truck that was too small, and then a second truck had to come and they still couldn't take everything. Upon loading and ready to leave, I was provided a revised estimate that was nearly twice as much as the original, now standing at $9,400. We had little choice but to sign the contract after making pen and ink changes we didn't agree with.

Delivery date was supposed to be in 4-9 days, the movers as of today, June 20, three-weeks later still say they are working to get a delivery date and our stuff is sitting up in a storage facility in Chicago somewhere. Repeated calls and demands to the company have failed to gain a resolution. I've been blown off repeatedly. Since June 5, I've been trying to speak with someone in their mysterious "management" who everyone refers to, when I ask to speak with someone senior who can make a decision.

I have no idea if we will ever see our household goods again and at the earliest it will be sometime next week, perhaps even a month after it was picked up.

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