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Adaptive Eye Complex

Country United States
State California
City Fountain Valley
Address 16285 Harbor Blvd. Suite 508
Phone 877) 418-3084

Adaptive Eye Complex Reviews

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  • Apr 10, 2017

I wish I had seen the posting before I ordered my "Limited Free Sample, You Only Pay for Shipping $4.95". It was also advertised as the only product that Shark Tank (all sharks) invested the most money in right on the show. Well, now that I'm investigating, this doesn't even appear to be that product - not sure.

Along with the tag about Shark Tank, the internet site stated that this was a FREE Sample and there were only a limited number available and the cost was only the shipping of $4.95; however, the charge ended up actually being $5.36. There was no information stating that you had 14 days to try it out and if you didn't call back, you would be charged and how much you would be charged. It turned out to be $97.37!!!

I was charged $5.36 on March 20th and I don't remember exactly when I received the product, but it was obviously after 3/20/17. Well, according to "their" records the post office delivered it to my box on March 23rd. When I opened the box a box of "Adaptive Eye Complex" was inside and I was surprised that it didn't appear to be a "sample size" but just figured they were looking for people to try the product. The only paperwork inside the box was about 1/4 piece of an 8X10 piece of paper with tiny print that appeared to be a size 10 font or smaller with a sentence that said if you have any questions call this number. Since it was a "sample" I just threw it away with the box not expecting to have the following to happen.

On April 2nd, my bank's fraud department contacted me about a $97.37 charge that was trying to be charged to my credit card by a direct marketing company. The bank declined the charge at the time. When I contacted them, I told them that I had NOT made such a purchase. They gave me the number for the "Lush Eye Cream" company and I immediately gave them a call to try to find out what was going on.

I got hold home of some woman, I think her name was Erica, and I tried to explain that I had only responded to an ad for a "Free Sample" of this eye cream for the cost of shipping only. She then told me no, that I only got a product for 14 days and if I didn't respond back in the 14 days, I would be charged. I told her I didn't want the product and would be glad to send it back but I wasn't going to pay and especially $97.37 when none of this was stated. Well, she proceeded to tell me I would be turned over to a collecting agency if I didn't pay.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor and of course she said it would probably be 30 minutes to an hour before anyone would be available and even though she knew I didn't want the product she failed to say anything about "cancelling and giving me a cancellation number". After being put on hold for supervisor and being extremely frustrated, I just hung up and called the number back hoping to get someone else and I did. This time I got a guy who gave me a different number because the number I was calling was supposedly only the marketing company for many products and supposedly he was giving me a direct number to the Adaptive Eye Complex company.

I then called that number and got hold of a guy named Brian who said he was in Maine and that I did have the Adaptive Eye Complex company. Well, I think that must not have been true because I get different stories each time I call and they just tell you whatever you want to hear because the number is evidently going to the same location. I went through my story with him and he was nice and apologized and took my information and said not to worry about the charge that he had taken care of it - NOT! I just looked at my bank account and a charge of $97.37 was deducted from on account 2 days later on 4/4/17!!! And again, no one said anything about cancelling and a cancellation number!!!

I call back again today and get the same Erica but this time she says she can't don anything without a "cancellation number", etc. but before I hang up this time, I make sure I get a cancellation number. I try calling back and get nowhere with the next person (Alfredo) and he tells me there is no other number or a "direct" number for the Adaptive Eye Complex company. So, I try calling back a 3rd time and get another guy named Jake.

At this point, I'm sure they are all sitting around together in their call center and just handing off the calls! Jake says he's in Maine and this is the only number and it is the Adaptive Eye Complex company. Of course I get nowhere with him, even after explaining everything, including, even if there was something about a 14-day trial, which it didn't say, that the shipping charge went through on 3/20/17, but I didn't receive the product until 3/23/17 according to his records and I first called on 4/2/17, which was 11 days after receiving the product and 14 days after the shipping charge all which was in their timeframe.

Again, I asked to talk to a supervisor and/or manager and I'm again told that it will take forever and while I insist, he puts me on hold, and then comes back and says he talked with the supervisor and there is nothing different he can do but oh wait, they will send me 2 bottles of something else free of charge. I told him I didn't want any more of their products (which I would probably be charged for anyway since this company uses deceptive trade practices) and that I intended to contact Shark Tank and get them all fired. I'm sure they are all laughing since I think I have figured out this isn't even the product from Shark Tank that I thought I was getting.

BUYER BEWARE!!!! I thought I had stopped being fooled by these deceptive ads but I guess not because this one got me agiain. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT PURCHASE anything that says Free Sample JUST PAY SHIPPING!!!! It is a deceptive trade practice and fraudulent. Only buy from known sellers like QVC and HSN - these companies are legitimate and not fraudulent and they do not screw the customer and use deceptive trade practices!!!!

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  • Mar 8, 2017

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I saw an ad on Faceobok for Adaptive Eye Complex and the ad said the eye cream was created and developed by Dr. Terry Dubrow and his wife Heather Dubrow. Terry Dubrow is a board certified plastic surgeon and he and his wife do have a skin care line together. I discovered after ordering the "free trial" for $4.95 (which was actually $5.36) that this was not part of their skincare line, so it was false advertising.

Further, after getting an e-mail confirmation of the free trial from Adaptive Eye Complex, I received a second e-mail confirmation from Nexacell, a company I did not authorize to charge me and a product I did not intend to purchase. During the original purchase from Adaptive Eye Complex, there was not any notice made in writing that I would be enrolled in any kind of program to be auto-billed. There was no company address (only a mail center address which I confirmed no one from Adaptive Eye Complex is located at.

In addition, the e-mail confirmation does not provide any informatino as to the amount charged to my card for the shipping, any company information, any Negative Option Billing notificatio of auto-billing, and no terms regarding how to cancel. All the e-mail provides is an 877 to call. I immediately called upon receiving to inquire as to why Nexacell charged me and to tell them that it was fraudulent, to which I was hung up on. Repeated calls were also disconnected by people at the 877 number.

I also contacted the 877 number provided in the confirmation e-mail from Adaptive Eye Complex to attempt to cancel and to tell them I didn't appreciate being tricked into making a purchase based on their lies in their ad. Again, I was repeatedly bullied and hung-up on. Adaptive Eye Complex states that they have no affiliation to Nexacell and that any charges by them were not their responsibility and I would need to contact Nexacell about that. (Which I did to no avail.)

On March 6, 2017 I noticed two charges for $97 and chage to my account. I called and reported the fraudulent charges to my bank, filed complaints with the FTC, BBB, and contacted CBS News in Dallas after seeing a news story last night about this exact scam with the same circumstances that 100 other people had called in about. I also contacted LifeLock who monitors my accounts and they are also investigating this matter.

There is no business address, manufacturing address, owner information, trademark or patent information regarding either company.

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  • Dec 9, 2017

After receiving a "free Sample" and paying for shipping and handling, I received 30 days later another item for which my credit card was charged $95.35.

I did not order any additional merchandise.

Matter of fact the product created a rash on my face.

Merchant's web site very misleading.

Not stating in a clear way the terms and conditions.

I'm totally dissatisfied with the problem.

  • Jun 24, 2017

Via the Internet, I ordered a trial version of Adaptive Eye Complex, and per their website, agreed to pay only for shipping. Knowing of the potential for scams in this area, I was very careful to check only the “Free Trial” for the products in question. This was for the Adaptive Eye Complex product. Website:

Before I completed the online transaction, a pop-up screen appeared and sad that most customers who order this product also order Nexacell.

I did not intend to order Nexacell and attempted to click out of that choice.

I them received a screen showing two products ordered and I was going to pay a very small amount for shipping, $4.95 and $2.95, respectively. Since the Nexcall product was only going to cost $2.95 I proceeded and ordered both products.

Within a month I received credit card charges for shipping (which was appropriate) and also for 89.95 and 89.85, for the Adaptive Eye Complex and Nexacell. When I called their customer service line to complain, they said I did not cancel the product in time, and perhaps I did not read their terms and conditions.

They are deceiving their customers by describing the TRIAL VERSION in big letters and apparently hiding the Terms and Conditions, which are in conflict with what is described in their website advertising. The scam is that the instructions on the website for the "Trial Product" differ from the hidden terms and conditions, with the terms and conditions having the onerous language that you will pay the monthly fee until you cancel. Unless your cancel within 14 days, your will be billed $89.00 per month FOREVER, until you call customer service and cancel. When you call to cancel, make sure you get a valid cancellation number and an e-mail confirmation. You may have to make two phone calls, the 1st to the Adaptive Eye Complex idiots and another to the Nexacell rip-off artists. You need to obtain two different cancellation codes and two different cancellation e-mails confirmaing the cancelation of your "order".

Bottom line - this is a TOTAL RIPOFF to the consumer. If you complain enough, then may refund 30% of a product, or in some instances 50%.

If you ask to speak to a supervisor you will be put on endless hold.

Options as I see them: 1. Contact the FRAUD DEPARTMENT of your credit card bank. 2. File a report with the US Postal Inspectors as this product is distributed via the US Postal Service. 3. contact your State's Attorney General. 4. If you can find a Corporate Address (very difficult) you can try a small claims action in your local court. You need the Corporate address in order for the Court to file the proper papers, notifying them of the pending litigation.

  • May 15, 2017


I received another cream from this company. When I called they asked if I had read the Terms and Conditions. I said No, I hadn't. It states that you have to call days after receiving the product to cancel. Another scam. All Free Products are a SCAM. Read before ordering anything. I am still going to call my credit card and see if there is anything I can do about it. Probably not. Fool me once and that is all it takes.

  • May 2, 2017

Don't order this product!

The product seems to work, but the company is deceitful, so I will never ask for more product. Free Trial size, just pay shipping. Charged on one credit card bill $191.65! I expected a charge of $4.95. Now that's despicable!!!

  • Apr 23, 2017

I did order the eye cream and face cream as a sample on 4/7/2017 but didnt order more and they charged me 89.95 for more which i dont want...Going to my bank monday to report it and to scam companies..

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